I’ve had such a blast working with Reebok this year — and now I want to tell you about one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen from a shoe company in my life.

You creative types will especially like this! 🙂 Your own personally design and customized SHOES!

YourReebok is a site created exclusively for people to create and design their own, custom Reebok shoe. Get as crazy as you want with colors, styles and more. You can even get your name printed ON the shoes! (The ones I have on order have my name on them!)

Check out how scientific-y and cool the site’s images on the front page look! It’s truly a unique shoe buying experience. If you want to be sure your shoes don’t look like anyone else’s, YourReebok is your place.

When Reebok told me I could go on and design my own pair for review, I felt like a kid in a candy shop! I spent about an hour trying different colors and looks on my new Nano 2.0’s (still in the mail!)

You can start with a blank canvas shoe or a design they give you (for those lacking creativity — but I think it’s way more fun to start with the blank canvas!

Then, you basically go through and fill in each section of the shoe with the palette of colors offered. It’s so fun because there are a million combinations and it’s totally your style. Here’s how the first one looks:

You COULD end up with a shoe looking as crazy-wacky as this when it’s all said and done (thought this is just a sample version I made so you can see all the different places you can change the colors:

This is a very cool present to yourself but ALSO — it’s a very cool Christmas present (it’s coming people!) because you can put your friend/family member’s name ON the shoes! I’m considering these for…(well I better not say because hopefully everyone I know — duh –reads this post! I kid…:)

AND GUESS WHAT? I’ll be doing a  give away for a FREE pair when mine come in the mail! Be sure to order these EARLY for Christmas as they take 6-8 weeks to come in!

I just think this kind of online experience is so personal and unique for a brand. Reebok is doing great things with their newest products and I — for one — am loving it!

What colors or designs would you get? 
Have you seen this before?
Do you like how you can put your  name on it? 

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