My Dad, Giovanna, Me, Shelby (I keep meaning to tell you all that you need follow Shelby on Twitter because she is really funny, just FYI.)

I spent much of last weekend and this week in Indiana — it was awesome! My sister, Lindsey, is recovering from her double mastectomy and my sister, Shelby, is 9 months pregnant. With me trying to rest my back, all we wanted to do was laze around on the couch!

I was actually in town for work but that was only for Monday and Tuesday. It just worked out that the conference happened to be in Indianapolis!

Of course I’m always craving for time with my niece, Giovanna and my nephew, Marshall so I’ll take every bit I can get.

They proved just as cute as always. Marshall is 15 months old and I’ve never seen a kid move so nonstop. He is full of energy and curiosity and not quite speaking in any words yet so there is a lot of gibberish going on.

Giovanna is 3 years old and about as cute as they come. She’s full of personality, imagination and joy. I swear you’ll do anything she asks you to because you just can’t say no. I can’t get enough of either one of them so Skyping is necessary when I come back to DC.

From Instagram: Lindsey, Me, G & Marsh

There’s not much to say besides I have a wonderful family and I always miss them. They make me laugh and feel loved. Can’t wait to meet my newest nephew in two weeks!

I didn’t take a ton of photos this trip but wanted to share the ones I did below:

Giovanna loves her Pap

Mom, Shelby, Grandma

Two weeks till due date!

Grandma and her grandson (he screams when she leaves the room!)

Good looking kids, right? Until the next time, Indiana!

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