Me, Amanda, Maggie, Michelle

So I know it’s been a full week since my birthday but I still wanted to share with you how I celebrated with friends. Schedules are hard to work out these days — us busy ladies in our…30s.

But — we make it happen and I love it. After walking around the Georgetown Waterfront last weekend, I knew that’s where I wanted to brunch it up with the girls.

We met at Tony & Joe’s on this beautiful Sunday. I didn’t know it was a “brunch buffet” — so I was a little disappointed. I’m a weirdo and just do not like buffet style meals for some reason.

But we were there and so I went with it. We sat at a cute table by the open door patio right near a live band. I was in a funky mood so the music was actually a little too loud for my taste (I know, I sound like a cranky old woman!)

Either way, it was a nice afternoon to just chill with my friends and enjoy seeing them all at once. Michelle and Amanda came through over and hour and a half of Sunday traffic from Sterling for this event so I appreciated them being there.

The buffet was pretty good — loved that they has caprese salad available and the cutest mini, made on the spot waffles. This was one of those “all you can eat” brunches where mimosas and coffee are unlimited as well.

Maggie, Me, Tiffany, Amanda

I was thankful for a sunny day with warm weather. We walked outside a bit afterwards, admiring the fountains and this insanely large yacht (seriously must be MILLIONS of dollars) that I always seem parked right out front.

Thanks to Michelle for the photos and to all of my friends for making the trip and making me feel special as always!

Last Friday Night

I also mean to tell you about a fun event I attended last Friday night for Balance Gym. It was the kick off for some new stuff they are doing — and I was mostly excited because there was a CrossFit Throwdown.

Christy Phillips was there in a mini-competition with some others for a Friday night shindig. It was cool to watch the competition so close! Here are a couple of videos I got on Instagram:

I also got to hang out with my friend Lyndsey, who is a regular at the gym and knew everyone at the party! It was a fun night — and best of all — on the rooftop. I had no idea Balance Gym in downtown DC was so huge!

It has four floors (I believe) and tons of space for a variety of classes including pilates, CrossFit, boot camp, pole dancing and more. The people at the party seemed like pretty die hard members and the owners were super nice as well. It’s clear Balance is really making things special for their members so if you are in the DC-area, check them out!

Are you a brunch person? Do you like buffet-style or regular ordering style? If you live in the DC-area, what are your favorite places for brunch? 
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