I hope you guys aren’t sick of shoe reviews yet! Well, I had the chance to test out yet another pair and I was excited to do so because this is a unique, new brand that was created with genuine focus for runners.

After I reviewed Altras recently, SKORA asked if I might be interested in checking out another brand I hadn’t heard of before. Well, truth be told, I had heard of Skora but knew nothing about them. I had no idea they’d only been around a few years and good for them for breaking into a tough market.

Since reading “Born to Run” awhile back, I have been a fan of the more minimalist shoe. I’ve tried everything from totally minimal and barefoot to fully padded. I’ve decided I like the more minimalist but not completely barefoot.

SKORA actually has a nice balance there and caters to my personal interests. Also — their style is completely unique. You have never seen styles like this — and I love that. When I first tweeted about these shoes, I got this tweet back from IronMan athlete Ann Brennan:

These shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable. I ran in them, and also spent an entire day walking at an amusement park in them and they were great all day. I seriously love all the different designs you can choose from. 

According to their website: “SKORA builds premium, lightweight performance running footwear that encourage a more bio-mechanically correct, natural stride. The distinctive look and feel of SKORA footwear is based on the function and benefit of a minimalist design philosophy we call Run Real.”

Gotta say, I like that philosophy. Created by real runners with real life issues in mind. Personally, I think it’s best to try a variety of brands to find what works for you. Additionally, I find that sometimes short distance v. long distance v. training runs can require different kinds of shoes. If you are looking for something new to try, I’d recommend giving these a look. 

Have you heard of SKORA? Do you like to have different shoes for different kinds of runs? 
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