Me (short sleeved blue shirt) running, running, running.

It’s been a very busy week — so that coupled with not being able to work out much means posting has been light. Right now, I’m hanging out with the family in Indiana.

It just happened to work out that my work travel is in the same place as my family.  Monday, I’ll be teaching social media strategy to a conference group in Indianapolis. Pretty sweet part of my job, right?

After last week’s 20-miler, my legs were shot. I think the majorly decreased mileage in the past few weeks really put a strain on them. I did nothing for two days after, then did 6 easy miles on Thursday. It was rough.

This isn’t really a normal reaction for me — and my body just felt like “oomph.” I went to the chiropractor Thursday evening and we both agreed that my body was telling me to chill out.

I planned on doing very little while in Indiana and so far, that’s been more than fulfilled. I have literally been sitting on my butt on the couch at my parents house for two days. My sister is recovering from her double mastectomy on the couch so I’m spending a lot of time with her.

My other sister, who is nearly 9 months pregnant, is also hanging out here — plus my adorable niece and nephew. It’s been lazy but fun — but I seriously never do this much sitting around. I guess it’s good but being lazy makes me so tired.

I slept for 10 hours on Saturday night and then wanted to nap all day. It was rainy and gloomy out but still, I’m not a fan of this feeling. Either way, I’m off to more productive waters today and will be busy for the next two days.

The adorables: Marshall and Giovanna

Wednesday I’ll be here for one extra day to visit with family before returning to DC Wednesday night. I know I need to get in a basic workout or two while I’m here so hopefully I’ll find the motivation to do that. It’s amazing how a little hurt back can zap any motivation you have.

At this point, I’m not 100% sure I’m in for Richmond. I really want to but it depends on the next few weeks. I can always downgrade to the half-marathon but I really don’t want to. I will be SO sad if I don’t do a marathon this year. I’m thinking I’ll probably do the full no matter what because I know I can pull it out but…it’s not gonna be record breaking that’s for sure — because even though I have the WILL, I don’t have the ability to prepare well right now.

Otherwise, it’s fun getting into marathon season and seeing all the tweets and posts about those running. Every weekend there are more races, more people reaching their goals and running is the word. I’ll be spectating for the Marine Corps Marathon this year — and I’m pumped. Mile 23 is just like a mile from my house so I’ll be there with bells on!

What’s up with you? Any training setbacks? How are you feeling about your races? I love keeping up with everyone’s stuff!
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