What: 20 miles on the treadmill
Pace: 8:57
Fuel: No breakfast, just 4 shot blocks & 1 Espresso Love Gu

My 20-mile treadmill debut finally happened. It had to be done. I’ve always had this weird thing with wanting to complete 20 miles straight on the tread (no clue why…) and it just so happened on Tuesday morning (getting good at this whole 20 miles before work thing.)

I had been planning — and procrastinating a 20-miler for 4 days. Monday was going to be THE day but then — the wine.

I thought I’d have to start at 4am to get it done and get to work on time. Well, it’s just illegal for me to get out of bed that early so I didn’t. I planned on running 15 and getting the last 5 in at lunch. I was afraid of that though because I thought I might punk out and not do the last 5.

So, I started at 5:20-ish on the treadmill thinking I would do 15. It felt like it wasn’t going to happen at first. I thought — how am I going to get through this. I was going to watch “Breaking Bad” on my Netflix ipad app but that didn’t stream without my apartment wifi. I brought two magazines — the latest issues of “Women’s Fitness” and “Self.”

10.5 Down, 9.5 To Go

The key to magazine reading on the treadmill is slow and steady. Get into your rythym and read slowly. Somehow, I got into the zone and spent 10.5 miles on “Women’s Fitness.” I was actually surprised I’d gone that far when I tossed the mag aside. Okay, only 9.5 to go!

I opened up “Self” — which was a thinner issue. At this point, I was over magazine reading but it was still dark and I didn’t want to deal with going outside. I thought — just 4.5 miles and I can stop. I barely made it to 4 miles with “Self” but got to 15 miles.

Then I had to go do some work. I have some flex time in the mornings because everyday I have to put up some of our morning material online and on social media before I go in office. I went back to my apartment and did a little work. I then realized I could bang out the last 5 miles and just be done and done.

So…I grabbed my third magazine — the latest issue of “People” and headed over. I made it through 3 miles with that and took a water break. The last two miles were not my friend. I really wanted to stop but knew I wouldn’t because I needed these 20 for confidence and just because I’d come this far.

My legs were really feeling it and I was so sick of that stupid treadmill but I got it done. 20 miles on the treadmill, it can be done!


Immediately, I could tell that I’d really run my right side ragged. My whole right side was sore and tight while the left side was feeling pretty okay. Great. I keep trying to even it out but I just can’t! Meanwhile, my back wasn’t hurting at all — and actually (knock on wood!) seems to be feeling better and better.

Posing post-20 with my Picky Bars bottle (love those things!)

So I’m really glad that’s over — though I can tell that Richmond is going to hurt like hell. If that 20 miles made me feel this way, 26.2 miles is going to be bad. But, I know I’ll be rested and ready to go that day so I’m just going to do it.

Normally, I’d say “taper time!” but this whole “training cycle” has been kind of like a big taper with some long runs on the weekends 🙂 I’m going to try and run 13 miles next week, then 10 the weekend before the marathon. Probably a few 3-5 milers kicked in there for good measure.

If the weather is nice on marathon day, life will be good no matter what. If it rains, snows or is just plain cold and terrible, I’ll be upset. Either way, marathon #9 — I’m coming for you!

Oh — before we leave — you have to check out this awesome video from Altra from the Runner’s World Half-Marathon! You can find me at about 1:48 in but watch the whole thing, so cute!

What is the longest treadmill run you’ve ever done? 
Have you ever trained “half-ass” for a race due to injury or lack of motivation? 
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