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After all the other details, what about the running? Yes, there was lots of running. Unfortunately, this body wasn’t feeling totally up for it — but, I prevailed.

Jess, Susan, Jocelyn, Me 

The 5k/10k

A weekend full of activities is exhausting and so I was! We got up early on Saturday morning for the 5k/10k. It was chillllly! But race energy was abuzz so we were feeling the excitement.

I had no goals for the races — basically, just finish. My stomach was feeling badly and I was wearing my back brace, so not exactly the the most comfortable situation. I also happened to be wearing an irritating zip up jacket that wouldn’t stay zipped.

I eventually settled into pace with Ashley — who is pregnant and also not feeling like being a superstar runner this weekend. We had a great time chatting up to the end with a 5k time of 27:35.

Waiting in between races on Saturday!

I felt better after the run but knew I still had a 10k yet to go. We warmed up inside the buildings and awaited the start of the 10k. Then, Brittany, Ashley and I headed to our second start line of the day.

I’m not gonna lie, 2 miles in, I wanted to quit. I was moving at a snail’s pace with a bear’s effort it felt. Oh well, six miles, let’s do this. We talked some more and enjoyed the beautiful Bethlehem scenery. It’s a perfect place for a fall race and the little town we ran through was adorable as well.

We finally made our way toward the finish line in 1:02:XX — most definitely the slowest 10k I’ve ever run!

THE Running Bun 🙂

Oh well, was just glad to be done for the day and head back to take a HOT shower after being cold all day! Then, headed to Panera for a bread bowl of hot chicken noodle soup — yum!

The Half-Marathon

I woke up Sunday morning feeling better than Saturday. I had eaten a great dinner the night before, got a good night’s sleep and had my favorite pants on (always a plus!)

*Pic from Monica

It was another cold morning and I work a tank top with a long sleeve shirt over it to start. By the time we were at the starting line (after sprinting to bag check), I was feeling amped up and good. I had music ready to go and planned on running as good as I felt.

Ha ha, you know how that can go. I started with a 7:35 mile 1 — and then…not so much. This course was super hilly and I was not handling the hills well. My first three miles felt fairly strong but then it was like I lost it. It was going to be a long 13 miles.

Stomach issues kicked in and I just had to deal with it. My right leg was achy but my back didn’t hurt at all. Halfway through I found a bathroom and then felt better. I got a second wind and started running low to mid-8’s again. But oh those hills!

I listened to the music and went on with it. Miles 8,9, 10 ticked by rather swiftly. I was feeling okay and kind of ready to be done. With 1 mile left, I saw 1:46 on the clock. All I could think was…several of my friends have already been done for 10 minutes. Ooof.

I finally sprinted across the finish line. Felt decent and grabbed water, coconut water, a banana and Lara Bars. My time was 1:56 — not the greatest but far better than I expected when things started going south. Oh well, done and done.

It was hard to be a little jealous of all the fast folks I was around this weekend. Susan won her age group in the 5k and 10k, then won 3rd for the 1/2 marathon — woa! But, I was happy for her and just glad to be around fellow runners who love it as much as I do.

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