The Runner’s World Half-Marathon Festival Day #2 was equally exciting as Day #1. We were up early for a shake out run with Bart Yasso himself. The guy is everywhere — and so down to earth and nice! The weather was perfectly chilly and the scenery around this area is gorgeous.

Plus, we are hanging out right by the Pennsylvania smoke stacks, which are eerily neat looking structures. I can imagine it might be a little creepy by them at night alone! But in daylight, they are super cool to look at.

Heather and I

Monica, Tina, Me, Sarah
Ashley, Kristen, Tina, Me

After the run, we had a yoga session from Icon Fitness instructor Melanie Douglass. But not before Icon presented us with an amazing yoga bag complete with a yoga mat, block and xfinity band — which can be used for all kinds of different resistance exercises.

I really loved the band, mostly because I’m always needing new and creative ways to stretch out by myself. This makes it super easy. It can also sub for weights or other equipment you might not have available. Resistance training can go so far.

That morning, we also had a running demonstration from Golden Harper, of Altra. I asked him about pose running, since I recently did a workshop on that technique. Essentially, his recommendations were almost identical to what I learned in pose running. He spoke about cadence and how that doesn’t vary much according to speed.

Additionally, he talked about re-centering your body during the run. You want to keep your core straight and go with your body’s natural inclination to lean (in a straight line) forward. Also, keep your arms in “like chicken wings.” He said you will always seen the Kenyans running with their little chicken wings — it’s more efficient running.

Finally we were ready for a delicious lunch straight out of the new “Runner’s World” Cookbook. Oh, I was excited about this one! We had some amazing fish and mushroom tacos (separate tacos) plus a few other sides that were absolutely delicious. We all got free copies of the book and you better believe I’ll be making things out of this book!

Basically, RW realized that had created and published so many amazing recipes for runners over the years that it was high time to put them all in a book. Grand idea! I cannot wait to start circling things to make at home.

THEN — the coolest thing ever.…we got to meet Olympian Summer Sanders! Since her amazing performances in the Olympics, Summer has picked up running. She’s actually this month’s Runner’s World cover model!

I was so excited she took the time to come speak with us bloggers. She was super friendly, down to earth and easy to talk to. She took our questions and talked with us about life after swimming. She’s here this weekend with her husband and two children to run. How cool! Then, she did photographs and autographs with each of us!

Then, we headed to the Expo for a demonstration from Pro-Form treadmills, from Icon Fitness. ProForm has created this amazing, top of the line Boston Marathon treadmill worth $4,000. It simulates any route in any place in the entire world — even the Antarctica Marathon!

You can program things in from anywhere you have run in the past as well. And you know the best part? I WON this treadmill! WOW! Unfortunately, I have nowhere to put it so it’s currently living at my parents house — but it’s mine to claim and has a lifetime warranty so….hooray!

So…that was an awesome day that ended with a great meal at the Bethlehem Brewhouse. It seemed like the happening spot in this city and I was so hungry and ready for a pumpkin ale. Had fun there and went to bed exhausted and ready for the 5k/10k on Saturday!

Have you done anything exciting this weekend? 
Do you read Runner’s World? 
Have you tried Altra or ProForm? 
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