Can I vent for a second? First of all, so sick of my back hurting. Second of all, I’m more and more seeing why I love CrossFit so much. I’m sorry to get off on a CF kick but it’s true! Now that I am limited to the apartment gym’s treadmill, bike and elliptical, I remember why I started hating exercise sometimes. BORING.

I can only read so many magazines. And, yes, I know I can kick it up a notch myself. I can turn on my headphones, pound through some circuits, do a little HIIT — but the motivation is just not there.

With CF, I didn’t have to find my own motivation. I just had to show up and then the people around me energized me. Someone already had a plan — and it was fun. I liked it! It was challenging and different. I did power cleans and snatches and other weirdly named things with a barbell.

Now, I can’t lift barballs. I can’t do squats. I can’t do overhead dumbbell presses. I can’t do box jumps or deadlifts or kettlebell swings. I miss the environment and the feeling of being excited everyday to get up and go workout. It’s just not there right now. I’m losing all the muscle tone in my arms because I have zero desire to do arm workouts on my own. So silly.

I’ve taken multiple full weeks off from exercising, I’m seeing a chiropractor on the regular, wearing the stability belt thingie, sitting up straight, trying not to do things that hurt my back. But it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better and I’m so frustrated.

I guess one of the lower disks has shaved off a bit and is moved out a little. It makes one of my legs a little longer. Also, I have extremely tight hamstrings and just a very tight body in general. Yes, I’ve been doing stretching exercises every day. Sigh.

Please go away! I just want to get back to CrossFit, where I was happy.

In More Positive Places…

I am happy today because I’m heading to the Runner’s World Half-Marathon up in Pennsylvania. Swinging by to pick up this girl and then we are on our way. I know this will be fun 🙂

Katy put together this awesome Twitter list of bloggers & VIPs at the event so be sure to follow this weekend using #RWHalf.

I’m finishing packing right now and apparently bringing my entire closet because I have no idea what I will need/want over the next four days.

Felt frustrated like me before? Words of encouragement & wisdom welcome!
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