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If you are like me, making an easy dinner is the only way to go. As much as I would like to create the gourmet meals that scream out to me from Pinterest (follow me there!), I just don’t have time — or the patience.

Luckily, there are many ways to make a “gourmet” meal without spending your entire evening cooking dinner! I seriously love all the new easy-to-cook foods available in the refrigerated and frozen sections of the grocery store these days. You can make stuff that tastes like it took hours when it really takes only 30 minutes!

I recently tried Hillshire Farm “Gourmet Creations”— and was not disappointed. I headed to the local Safeway to find what I was looking for. They had multiple flavors in sausages and I had a reeeaaaallly hard time choosing which one I wanted to try.

I ended up going with Basil Pesto but it was close with apple and gouda cheese (yes, I AM trying that next!) Any ideas on what to try the apple/gouda sausage with? I think that just sounds amazing.

I knew I wanted something easy but didn’t want to “copy” a recipe. So, I made one up! Maybe the first time I’ve just made something without directions — and you’ll see why because there are only four ingredients in this dish — yes, only FOUR ingredients!

This baked rigatoni was so crazy easy. Here’s a little rundown of how I made it in literally less than 30 minutes:

You seen how easy it was just from looking at the photos but I’ll give you step by step instructions just in case you need ’em!

Cheesy Baked Rigatoni with Basil Pesto Sausage


  • 1 box of rigatoni
  • 1 large jar of tomato sauce (I used basil)
  • 1 bag of mixed Italian cheeses
  • 1 package of Hillshire Farm “Gourmet Creations” Basil Pesto Sausage

*Preheat oven to 350
1. Cook rigatoni according to box
2. Cook sausage until browned in a skillet with a spray of olive oil
3. Once both are cooked, layer ingredients in pan as follows: rigatoni, tomato sauce, sausage, cheese and then repeat.
4. Cook in over for 15-20 minutes or until cheese is browned (keep an eye on it!)

The awesome thing is, if you are signed up for the “Just for U” program at Safeway, you will save $3 when you buy three Hillshire Farm products. Sweet!

Obviously, you can also check out the Hillshire Farm website for all the great products and most importantly, recipes. Also — follow them on Twitter for the latest! I actually really do like their stuff because there are so many options and it’s SO easy to bring out new flavors in quick meals without trying too hard.

So basically this was delicious and easy! Does it get better than 4-ingredient meals? I don’t think so! Does this sound good to you?

Do you have any go-to meals that are easy and delicious? Have you ever tried Hillshire Farm sausages? 
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