This morning I did something silly — I went to Crossfit and did heavy strict presses. In the end, this did not work out well for me.

My future self said “thanks a lot” but only very sarcastically. So I’m a novice dealing with injury. Does this thing mean I’m off the weights for MONTHS? I guess it could be so. And that’s so quite a blow (I mean, not in the grand scheme of life, but in the small scheme of “things I love to do.”)

Anyway, here I wish with a very sore left lower back. So ecstatic was I yesterday at being pain-free, I curse myself for blowing it so quickly.

But it goes to teach a larger lesson and that is one we can never learn enough: don’t trade in pleasure for the moment if it means sacrificing that same pleasure for the long term. Not sure that’s what I did today but just reporting on current “feelings.”

Check, check. Since running didn’t seem to cause any issue, I’m going to keep on with that though I will be taking tomorrow off. I know some of you will tell me not to but I’m going to take my chances with that one since it doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Ask Yourself This Question

But…more to the point of this graphic…what are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?

This can be big or small but stop and ask yourself that question when you are deciding between being lazy or being productive.

Can you mail a letter, sign up for an education course, pay a bill? Can you workout instead of sleeping in? Eat your vegetables instead of french fries (semi-consistently)? Can you study tonight instead of going out? Can you clean the house instead of wallowing in your disorganization?

There is always an action you can take that your future self (15 MINUTES from now self or 15 YEARS from now self) will thank you for. **And you should always have that person’s best interest at heart. 

So, I say to you –– please start that retirement fund you haven’t started yet.

Go get health insurance if you don’t and you can!

Finish writing that article and submit it to the magazine.

DO the 100 situps you promised yourself you would.

Call your grandmother.

Apply for that job.

Break up with that guy.

What can you do TODAY — this minute — your future self will thank you for? What’s one thing you can do that you’ve been putting off? Name it — then do it. 

*On that note, I’m going to finish this very important email I’ve been procrastinating on finishing!

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