How excited was I to spend the day with two of my best friends at Sunset Hills Vineyard in Purceville, Virginia on Sunday? Very! My friend Heather was visiting from New York City — an occasion to celebrate.

Heather, Michelle and I were roommates back in 2009-2010 and any time we can all three get together is rare and…awesome! This was also Michelle’s first time being able to really hang out with her girlfriends since she had the adorable awesome Austin.

It was the perfect day for it — if not a little hot. Michelle’s husband took the baby so we girls could hang out. He was so sweet for calling ahead to the vineyard and actually paying for our drinks!

We had a specialty called a “wine-a-rita” — which I didn’t think I would like — but ended up loving. Normally, I am not a slushy type of girl but it was so hot that the icy cool tasted awesome.

Look at that icy deliciousness! We had two a piece, which was plenty, and then got on to one of the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten! So good…just wait for the photo 🙂

Anyone that knows Michelle knows that one of her great loves in life is cheese. Since I met her in 2006, she has definitely made me a cheese lover too. Oh man, I love a good cheese plate — and baked brie drenched in delicious honey? Um, yes please!

We had a hot loaf of bread with a crusty exterior that was absolutely perfect.

OMG, it was SO good. Like perfection on a Sunday afternoon. Sipping wine-a-ritas and slathering creamy brie on this amazing bread. We also had fig almond spread and a proscuitto/mozzarella roll. That’s all I needed for a filling lunch. Soooo good!

Here are a few shots:

How gorgeous, right? We had a great time sipping wine, eating and talking. The older we get, the harder it is to find the time to get together — making those times all the sweeter.

This vineyard was awesome — a great atmosphere, good food and wine. There are a ton of Virginia wineries that I need to get to but I’m glad I finally checked another good one off my list!

Do you like vineyards? Are you a wine person? I’ve never really been able to taste the difference between good wine and cheap wine? Can you? What’s the secret?
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