I’ve tried it. 

Hello everyone! You know I like to dish out the love every now and again — and the time has come. I’ve got a few folks I want to highlight for ya today and I hope you’ll take a hot second to check them out.

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1. Revolve Fitness
I wrote about my first ride with Revolve a couple months back. They are — in a word — awesome. As I mentioned in the post, going to Revolve feels very “city.” I feel like I’m in New York and their simple yet classy set up is the perfect atmosphere. I’m pumped to try out a few of their upcoming themed rides and have already sold my two co-workers on started up some classes. Get on this. Check them out here for either DC or NYC — and best of all? You get your first ride free. Just use this code when you sign up: FRF2012

2. Wine to Weighlifting
Jennifer actually won this ad space on a give away I did last month. I am testing out new ads so it was a great opportunity. Luckily, I ended up finding another blog I really enjoy at the same time. I’m loved “balanced life” approach she takes. She is a runner and a crossiftter like me so I can relate to her writing a lot. One of my favorite recent posts might have convinced me to do a crossfit competition (no promises!). I also like that she regularly spotlights other bloggers and spreads the love!

3.Trident Crossfit
I know, you’ve heard me rave about Trident before but I’m not stopping there. These people are awesome and I enjoy every time I walk into that box. Not just because I love crossfit but the coaches make all the difference. I’ve accomplished a few new goals lately (three kipping pull ups in a row, double unders like mad, rope climbing — 4 times in a row!!) and always feel like I can go tell one of them about a new thing and they’ll be just as excited as me. It’s a team, it’s family, it’s awesome.

4. Out for a Run.
My sister Lindsey and her husband Glenn write this awesome blog. They are both pretty fast runners (very fast if you ask me!) and tried hard and serious for their marathons. They are more hardcore than me for sure — they have big goals and train like mad. They are also running coaches and train other people. If you are looking for runners, race recaps and a young, family-loving atmosphere, this one’s for you! Plus their my nephew Marshall is adorbs!

5. Snack Therapy
Okay so this is one of my new favorite blogs. This girl has a knack for being funny when she writes and not apologizing for anything. Like many in the HLB world, she has struggled with ED issues but she’s over that now and is doing a world of good talking about being normal and being okay with eating all the food. She’s healthy and all but not strict and has some amazing curves to boot! Posts like this one and this one reeled me in. Keeper.

Revolve Fitness DC is partnering with me give away a 5-pack ride give away to one lucky winner! Want to win 5 FREE rides at RevolveDC? Follow them on Twitter and let me know in the comments that you’d like to win!**
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