And guess what? I got to to start my day with running today! After 9 days of no running — in attempt to heal my back — things felt great this morning. It felt good yesterday and though I felt a tiny little twinge during my run today, it seems like we are getting back to normal.

I ran 10 miles on the treadmill (oh the darkness in the early morning hours!) and may run 8 more later today — if my body, the weather and whatever else cooperates. It was supposed to be an 18-mile weekend so if I can kind of keep on schedule, I’d like to.


What else happened this weekend? It started with a night at church for a session called “Her Voice,” which I covered here.

After that, I continued my watching spree of “Breaking Bad” — trying desperately to catch up to the current season so I can live tweet with everyone else! Are you a fan? I’m loving it!


Saturday was lovely! I was taking time off from working out so it gave me a chance to wake up and do something else for a change! It was beautiful! I ended up deciding to walk to the local farmers market in Del Ray. It’s about a mile from my house and I had never been (crazy!). People are always SO happy on sunny Saturday mornings and I simply love the vibe of that time. I ended up finding a very cool organization called Together We Bake that was selling homemade granola and cookies.

Since I’ve watched “Orange is the New Black,”  (LOVE!) I have been interested in a finding a way to support a group that helps women find jobs after being in prison. It’s really tough for people to restart their lives after that and they need support. Imagine my surprise when an organization that does exactly that came across my radar screen. Of course I immediately bought some granola and told the woman there my little story. I am looking into them to see if I can help further as well. Check it out!

After a lovely morning in Del Ray, Rick and I decided to take a long walk. Since I couldn’t run but it was beautiful, I wanted to be outside and active. We walked about 5 miles along the Mt. Vernon Trail. The funny thing is — I find walking more exhausting than running. I was so ready to be done with those 5 miles — it’s insane what  baby I am about walking!

I also came home to a brand new pair of the new Reebok Crossfit Nano Speed. Obviously, very exciting! I haven’t tried them yet but stay tuned for a review:


I also made chocolate chip cookie brownies for book club. I fully intended on making something from scratch but, well, you know how that goes. I whipped these together from a box but hey, they were delicious and no one was complaining, right?

For book club this month, we read “Catcher in the Rye.” Surprisingly a few girls had not read it. I think I’ve read it twice but I bought a new copy and well, failed getting through it before club, but we still had a nice discussion. I’m going to finish it and see how it compares to when I read it back in high school.

Sunday was another gorgeous day and we sat outside at Elissa’s pool, which was one of the few still open post-Labor Day. She made some amazing sangria and we had a great time!

Afterwards, I watched MORE “Breaking Bad” and ate about seven brownies before nodding off to sleep in a sugar coma. Sufficient to say, getting up this morning wasn’t exactly. As usual, I’m not sure how I yanked myself out of bed and onto to doing 10 miles on the treadmill. But I did. Started today with veggie juice and it’s back to healthy mchealtherson for the week.

How was your weekend? Do you watch Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black? Marathoners, what was your long run this weekend? I was actually jealous of all of you!
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