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First things first — let’s talk about workouts. Mine have a little out of whack lately because of this back issue I’m  having. Good news is the chiropractor says I can still run — but physically not possible for me to do anything with barbells, box jumps, etc.  I am  really sad to have to forfeit CF right now but after seeing this video about Lindy Wall, I definitely felt inspired that I’ll be back at it again soon:

A Week of Workouts

Saturday: “Charlie’s WOD” at CrossFit — push-ups, box jumps (modified for back), pull-ups, thrusters (modified to squats for back), T2B…
Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: Ran 11 miles @ 8:34 pace
Thursday: 25-minute arm workout
Friday: 6 miles (1 warm-up, then 800Mx2 @ 7:30, 400Mx4 @ 7:13, 7:08,7:03, 6:53)

Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed

When I heard Reebok came out with a new and improved CrossFit shoe, I was dying to get my hands on it. Obviously, I had to test it out! Reebok sent me these shoes to review.

I did all my workouts wearing these shoes this week — including the running. They are actually spectactular running shoes!

After months of waiting, I finally got to wear the CrossFit Nano Speed. More nimble and flexible than traditional Nanos (and Nano 2.0s), the Speed is built for workouts with more running and jumping. Just my style!

I really enjoyed the neon yellow and found them to be very comfortable. I do prefer the traditional nano for weight lifting but there was a noticeable difference for running with the Speeds. While regular Nanos are more flat and not great for running, this are more agile comfortable.

As I mentioned above, these are great for running. I actually forgot I wasn’t wearing regular running shoes this morning (I went from Back on My Feet back to my apartment gym) and just started going. They felt great — like very minimal shoes. I liked them actually much better than the actual running shoes from Reebok.

Can you tell I like them? So…now it’s your turn. Want to win a pair of CrossFit Nano Speeds? Cool — here’s how you can enter!

Win a FREE Pair of Reebok CrossFit Nano Speeds

1) Tweet the following: I want to win a pair of @Reebok #CrossFit Nano Speeds from @ErickaAndersen at the Sweet Life! http://bit.ly/14OMDpF

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3) Share this give-away with someone (or multiple) people who might want to win! This one is kind of on the honor code but hopefully you will not cheat 🙂

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I’ll pick a random winner on Monday! If the winner fails to claim their win within 24 hours, I will pick another winner so pay attention on Monday!

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