It was last Tuesday that I hurt my back doing a tire flip. Now it’s 9 days later and it’s still giving me issues. Bad news. I seriously hate this. I should have immediately stopped all working out but I did a few things and maybe that didn’t help.

Yesterday, I went to a chiropractor, who told me my back was pretty screwed up. Then I got a massage, which was really needed. I was sore all over from weighted lunges and an arm workout the day before and the therapist told me I was beating myself up because my body was so tight all over.

After both of those things, it felt a lot better. I went home and took an epsom salt bath (a first for me!) and actually felt pretty amazing.

This morning I woke up with this stupid cold/allergies and my back still sore so I iced it. In the past week, I’ve hardly worked out at all and well, you know how much I hate that.

The worst part is feeling like I can’t get my sweat on but second to that, my appetite stays the same and I eat just as much as I did before. It’s just that stupid ED voice that whispers in my ear but I feel out of control a bit and uncomfortable when I have to stop moving. The only thing I could do right now — and feel like I wasn’t hurting my back — is swimming. But, I don’t have a pool or a gym membership with a pool so ladida.

Anyway, I’m trying to embrace the rest and CHILLAX. I mean, I say it’s a “bad time” to be injured because of marathon training but let’s be honest, there is no good time to be injured for me. There is always something.

The marathon is November 12th. I guess I can take three weeks off from training (ugh!) and get back into it enough to be able to run the thing. Just when I was starting to get into training…

Well, first world problems, right?

It actually doesn’t hurt much when I am running but it’s the after that gets me. Anyone have this experience? Advice on this issue? Injury sucks.

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