UPDATE: Since my winner for the Revolve DC spin package never contacted me, I will be picking a new winner today. You can find the winner announced later today on Twitter! I will also update this post with the winner. 

—-> ** WINNER: Alex from The Run Within

When you Hurt Your Back Doing Tire Flips

What’s that? Yeah, me. You’ve heard me complain about dead lifts before — how I’ve hurt my back doing them. Well tire flips are basically deadlifts with a tire and if you do them wrong, you might be screwed.

I did this last Tuesday so I’m 7 days in. I think it’s wearing off but it’s been real annoying. From now I stick with light tires and deadlifts. For whatever reason, I can’t get myself to use my legs correctly. I know I have the strength, it’s just the technique.

Doing overhead squats on Saturday didn’t really help. I HATE refraining! It’s so hard. Anyway, I’ve taken it easy and took the past two days off completely. After going to only 2 crossfit classes in 7 days, I’m fiending for more! The only point to this is to say I’m frustrated and do your damn deadlifts correctly or you will be sorry.

Fitness Magazine Tweet Up

Fitness Magazine and Aetna are hosting a fun Twitter chat on Thursday. It will be a conversation about how you stay healthy. You can ask questions, throw in your input and meet new folks! I will definitely be participating! Details below!

Thursday, 9/12 from 2-3pmET
Topic: Join @Aetna for a national conversation about “what’s your healthy” for tips and tricks on how to get fit, eat healthy and feel great! #AetnaMyHealthy
Hosts: Keri Gans (@kerigans), registered Dietician and panelist
           Christie Griffin (@FitnessMagazine), Fitness Magazine’s Digital Director
More Details:  http://whatsyourhealthy.com/

New Place to Try: Bracket Room

Saturday I had lunch at a brand new restaurant in Arlington, VA called Bracket Room. It was only their third day open but I was really impressed. Apparently, it’s co-found by Chris Burkowski — of The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. Apparently, he was on Emily Maynard’s season:

So I’ve always been very on/off with watching the show so … I don’t remember him. But, he was there when I ate lunch and I saw him walking around so that was kind of cool. It was a very cool space in Clarendon and we sat outside.

They have a huge menu of shooters — trying to bring that back I guess? My friend Amy heard that’s an effort to be a “female-friendly” sports bar. It’s also mostly full of small plates, which is different for a sports bar as well. I had the ahi tuna sampler and a tomato and mozzarella salad. They actually put watermelon on their version but I opted out cause I don’t like watermelon!

Ahi Tuna Dish

That is the only photo I got, sadly 🙁 I will definitely be back though so stay tuned! The bathrooms were also super swanky. To top it all off, I got a parking spot literally in front of the restaurant. That does NOT happen in this town!

Java Gum Review

I was supposed to get Java Gum months ago but somehow it got lost in the mail! It mysteriously arrived last week and I finally got to try this “magic” gum! I admit, I was skeptical. Would it really work? Consensus? It does!

I used the gum several times over the weekend and there was definitely a noticeable burst of energy while chewing it. I don’t know about you but I’m not always in the mood for coffee and I’m not a big fan of energy drinks. If I can get a boost easily from a piece of gum — I have mint flavor so it tasted just like normal gum — I will.

I saw Java Gum being sold in a local convenience store the next day so I’m guessing you can easily find it nearby. If not, you can order it online.

How was your weekend? Did you try any new products that are “must-haves”? Do you plan on joining the tweet-up? Do you watch the Bachelorette? 🙂 Have you ever gotten an injury from doing a weight lifting move incorrectly? Ugh!
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