No, I am NOT 23 🙂

Aww wasn’t that nice of my husband to switch up the birthday candles for me? 🙂 Ha ha. I’m actually not thrilled to reveal my age here — not that it’s a big secret but being 32 just doesn’t sound right. However, after reading an article this morning in SELF about how “old talk” has become the new “fat talk” (and after reading about it at Carla’s a couple of months ago), I figured I would just let it out.

I’m happy and healthy and grateful to be alive for this 32nd year and I had one of the best birthdays of my life. In my family, we’ve never made a big deal out of birthdays. My favorite birthday memory is my Dad taking me to breakfast — just the two of us — when I was little. That phased out as I got older and I barely remember birthday parties.

But, Rick has always made a big deal out of my birthday — getting me what seem like very extravagant gifts (to me!) and this year was no different. He got me this lovely card as a joke:

We celebrated my birthday on Sunday since Tuesday was a hard day to do it. We started with breakfast at Jackson 20, where I ordered a Lady Marmalade Mimosa at 8am! The food was great and then it was straight to luxurious day!

He got me an entire day at Serenity Spa in Alexandria, Virginia. I got a facial, massage and mani/pedi. I had never had a facial before but always wanted one. So relaxing! I was told I exfoliate too much and have really dry skin — also that I need to start wearing masks sometimes. Okay, I get it, I’m 32!

After that wonderful day — and yes, the spa was awesome and is now highly recommended! — I drove home. To my surprise the kitchen was decked out in streamers, a bouquet of flowers was on the counter, as well as a freshly baked lemon cake and birthday card. WOW! It’s so great to be surprised, isn’t it?

In addition to all of this, we went to Georgetown for a beautiful day of walking by the harbor and Rick is helping me to purchase the training for my personal training certification as well. Pretty awesome, right? Yes, I will fill you in more on that personal training thing soon!

Only pic I got = weird face

The other awesome thing about my birthday was that on the actual day — yesterday — I had the most successful blog post times 10 I have ever written. My blog post response to “Crossfit’s Dirty Little Secret” went completely viral and totally made my day.

I was so excited to see it spread and get so much positive feedback from folks who felt the same way I did. The success of the post is ongoing today and I’m still buzzing from the hits. Thanks so much to everyone who helped spread the word! I was even quoted in this new article, “Why Do People Hate CrossFit?”

ALSO — The Huffington Post reached out to me and asked if they could post the piece on their “Healthy Living” section so without further ado, here is that link.

I also have a similar — but original, piece coming out in another publication soon — stay tuned! Overall, the week has been awesome and I couldn’t have asked for better. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a ton of good photos this week but I’ll leave with my birthday morning selfie (don’t you love that nail color?!)

So tell me — what’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? Are birthdays a “big deal” in your family or not? 
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