If I have had one transformation in the past few years, it’s this. I know it’s not easy to “be kind anyways.” I wasn’t always so grace-ful. But I prayed that God would change my heart to be like His. I prayed a lot and I sang “My Father’s Eyes” because I wanted them.

I don’t always succeed. But aggression towards people has been stripped away. If anything, I get sad for people — not mad. Oh man does it make life better.

Some might call me a pushover at times. And sometimes that balance is hard to find. What’s assertive and firm versus compassionate and kind? Depending on the situation, it can be a tough call.

But think about this — life is 80-ish years, if you are lucky. What matters? Are your words and actions filling this world with LOVE and LIGHT? Or…are they pushing negativity and irritation and anger into the atmosphere? How does that make anything better even if it does give you a “release”? You still walk away simmering with something that doesn’t help.

Last night, I attended “Her Voice” — an event put on by my church, National Community Church. I’ve been really trying to get back to the basics with God lately – instead of running away from issues. I guess the talk inspired me — because when I saw the graphic above, it tied right in.

Main take away? Are you elevating others when you speak of them? Is what you are saying a good representation of Jesus? If not, think again. I fall prey to gossip just like everyone else. As a middle schooler, I remember this being the main sin I struggled with. Little did I know that sin that was to come then…

But you still have to deal with the basic stuff. Sin is as sin is — all the same.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting here writing and thinking for once because I’m injured. For one Saturday, my first concern is not getting in a long run or a workout. While I do wish that was part of my morning, it does free up my brain for some reflection.

There are some things about myself that I don’t like. They aren’t things I want to talk about here on the blog — but just know there are struggles you don’t see on these pages. Like so many others, I sometimes fall into Instagram-itis — getting a little jealous over someone else’s life. Please know there are struggles that don’t appear on this blog that are unseen, unwritten.

But while struggling, you can hang your hat on one thing — be kind anyways. Love anyways. Have grace anyways. Elevate others anyways. Be Jesus to the world anyways. Remove your judgment anyways. Choose joy anyways. What’s your anyways? Make your choice.

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