Having this partnership with Runner’s World for the Runner’s World Half-Marathon sure has it’s perks. One of them is that I often get to try out a new kind of shoes that might never have come across my radar screen — the Altra Zero Drop Running Shoe.

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There are a few different kinds and I chose “The Intuition” — a shoe designed specifically for women. I was already sold with “zero drop” because I really like very little cushion and a more barefoot-style shoe in general.

This shoe has the “benefits of barefoot running with the comfort, cushioning and support that distance runners love.” I was skeptical, as I always am, but very pleasantly surprised by these shoes. Their boxy shape gave me pause at first but it was definitely not an issue while wearing them.

Wearing one of my favorite, most comfy Reebok tanks!

I thought they might be clunky — they weren’t. They felt light weight and molded well to my feet. My first run in them was a 10-miler on the treadmill and I never once had an issue. These are probably one of the best pairs of distance running shoes I have found.

That 10-miler was actually supposed to be first half of an 18-miler that day but well, that got sidetracked. Either way, the 10 was solid and the fact that I didn’t even think about the shoes I was wearing while running is a good thing.

For those not a fan of barefoot style running, Altra has options for you too. I know some feet just NEED more support — so check out these styles for something that may work for you.

The second time I used them was for a shorter run but with some strength training mixed in. They proved comfortable and flexible for cross training as well. I did lunges, squats, planks, sit ups and n arm workout in my Altras.

Speaking of this arm workout –– it was the first segment in my new “training” with Michelle for her arms. I’m not a personal trainer (though stay tuned on that front…) but I think it will be fun to work with Michelle using the knowledge I’ve gained through crossfit strength training to see if we can improve her (and my own!) muscle tone through a few workouts a week.

We did take some before pictures (not showing them until we have the afters though!). Anyway, while my closet is filled with many pairs of workout and running shoes, these Altras will certainly be in the rotation for long run lovin’!

Have you ever been surprised by really liking a brand you had never heard of — or you didn’t expect? Not just shoes, but anything? Have you heard of Altra?  Are you coming to the Runner’s World Half-Marathon with me?! 

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