The top response I get when I tell someone, “you should start a blog!” is that they are “not that interesting” or they “don’t know what to write.”

It takes me about five seconds to get something out of them that’s totally fascinating and I would really like to read about.

Oh, you’re not interesting? What’s one cool thing you’ve done? Well, I guess I did skydive out of an airplane naked over Madasgascar that one time. So you’re boring? I mean, aside from the fact that I ride horses competitively on the weekends.

But really, it doesn’t need to be that exciting. You know all those status updates you write on Facebook? Those should actually be written in your blog.

Your blog is an extension of you and a place to share, vent and give like-minded folks a way to share in your interest and joys.

Do you find yourself telling your Facebook friends about all the working out you’ve been doing? The delicious food you’ve been cooking? The books you’ve been reading?

Parents who regularly write paragraph long diatribes about your kids — you  need a blog. Then, all the people who actually want to read that stuff can choose to do so 🙂 Love you parents!

Do you like to share funny, inspiring, or informative articles with friends? All of us have stuff we like — and stuff we like to share. Not everyone is meant for a blog but chances are, if you are reading this, you probably are.

7 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

1. Your Place On the Internet
Having a byline or getting published used to be such a novelty. While it’s still amazing to see your name on a more famous publication, you don’t need one to do so. Say what you want — and sign your name to it.

2. The Potential is Endless
Your blog is free to start and it’s a platform that can take you anywhere. Potentially, anyone — even the President — could see your blog post. Not likely of course but you have the power to do something, to say something, when you didn’t before. Don’t underestimate what it means to have your say.

3. People Choose You
Unlike Facebook, where you have tons of friends that may or may not care about your kid’s ear infection, your next 5k or that amazing soup you made — your blog is a place people choose to come. They like you! You know they want to hear about your life because they clicked on over. You can feel free to say your peace without worrying about posting too much or annoying your Facebook friends.

4. Professionally Beneficial
Your blog should look professional and be well-written. A successful blog will show that you have skills! You have a network and a place where you can document your successes. You can have a section linking to things you’ve written elsewhere, or a list of your best — where people can find helpful information they know you have expertise in. Gardening, farming, books, running, cooking, cleaning, couponing. make up, hairstyles, raising puppies. You name it, people are looking for it.

5. Build a Network
Through your blog, you have a platform you can take with you throughout each job or situation you encounter. Your readers stay with you and become a valuable commodity because you — in a sense — are your own brand with your own sphere of influence on certain matters. Don’t discount how important that is.

6. Discover New Friends & Communities 
Do you know how many people out there are like you? A lot! You will find like-minded souls with kindred spirits and encouragement abounding. Commentters will become like friends. You’ll discover other blogs and people who have struggled with the same issues as you have. You’ll find support, friendship, and information.

7. Change the World
If you wanted to get involved with helping a charity for example, you could use your blog to promote and work with them to make a difference. With your blog, you can make the things you care about available a wider audience. It’s one amazing way you can start changing the world, one post at a time.

Blogging has been not only extremely fulfilling but has also brought me many opportunities to meet some amazing new friends, work with brands I love and promote the causes I believe in most. Thank you for reading this blog and being a part of it.

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