While I’m sure you all read The Sweet Life religiously and refresh it thrice daily (I kid…), it’s still possible you missed a good post or two over the past month. It was most certainly a fun month so check out the top five posts of July.

1. 10 Tips for First Time Marathoners 

The most frequent question I get on here is, do you have any tips for newbie marathon runners? I’ve never devoted a post exclusively to that question before so I figured I’d finally do so.

2. 3 Things You Won’t Want to Miss 

I’ve got a few things to share with you guys today. One, my friend Kira (she’s super famous for appearing on a G+ Hangout with President Obama earlier this year — catch her intro at 2:05!), brought a really important issue to my attention this week. 

3.  Crossfit Clinic: Pose Running

This weekend I had the awesome experience of attending a Crossfit running and rowing workshop at Trident Crossfit.

4. Mission: Marathon

So….it’s been quite some time since I blogged about long runs and training and nerves and how wonderfully awesome running makes me feel — bragging about all my 20-milers (come on, you gotta!).

5. Awesome Arms: A Workout in the Park

So you guys know I’ve been working really hard on building arm muscle. I go to crossfit and do extra dumbbell lifting on the side.

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