So it’s been a busy week for this girl — lots of mental energy as well as physical energy being dispelled! But you know me, I like to keep busy and stimulated so it was all good 🙂

It started off Monday with a TV hit. My organization is working on a big online campaign right now (as well as doing national in-person townhalls with some high profile politicians.) I run all of our social media properties and created an Instagram campaign to go along with our efforts. We also have twibbons available for Facebook and Twitter profiles and other ways people can jump in with us. Very cool I get to set up cool stuff like Pinterest, and Tumblr and Instagram for my job!

CNBC got wind of what we were doing and wanted to get an interview with me. Now I have done a little (very little!) television in the past but have been eager to have more opportunities. It was pretty exciting walking into NBC studios, getting hair and make up and then getting hooked up for the interview.

I remember when I was there a few years back, I walked right past Chris Matthews and another known anchor at the time. Didn’t see him this time around but the vibe of being in a live tv studio was on.

The interview lasted about 10 minutes and I did a mouthful of talking — having no clue what they might pluck for the tv spot. It turns out — not much, not even the part I would have picked but it’s still there! So, it all it’s glory, see my tv hit on CNBC here starting around 1 minute in. **(I don’t talk politics on the Sweet Life — and don’t want to — but I did want to share this exciting moment with you!)**

On Tuesday, it was another “in the spotlight” moment as I moderated a debate at work called “5 Cats With Great Content: How to Package your Content for Success.” We had a panel of writers and bloggers all with great reputations for awesome work shared online. I will have that video available shortly if you are interested in it.

Lauren wrote a great recap of it that I’d encourage you to read, though. My piece of wisdom for folks was to reach out yourself! I mentioned that there are plenty of people I’d probably like to work with to promote things for but I simply don’t know they exist!

Send those blind emails, make cold calls, ask someone for coffee out of the blue — people do this to me all the time and I almost always say yes. If you go to a conference, copy down those Twitter handles and make the ask. I do panels frequently and always tell people, follow up! I usually only get a couple of them and it’s often turned into a great connection or resource.

As for what I learned? Have fun with it. If you work for an organization or brand, you have to enjoy your job and put yourself into. Own it and get creative, see how far you can push the envelope. Congressman Darrell Issa is the best example because the man tweets cat GIFs, participates in #TBT on Instagram, responds to jokes and has a self-deprecating humor about himself on social media.

This post has inspired me to do a longer version so stay tuned for that soon. Are there any questions you’d like me to address? Just let me know if so!

Have you ever been on TV? Spoken at a conference? Do you have stage fright? How do you combat your fear and do it anyway?
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