Revolve staff Amber & Grant with the blog bunch: Me, Carly, Ashley and Coco!

I recently tried out the hottest new spin city around — Revolve DC. I’d been meaning to go for months and finally made it happen, thanks to Amber!

I’ve taken a total of about 5 spin classes in my whole life so I’m always a little nervous about trying a new one. I dashed from my office to make it to Revolve for the 5:30pm class and felt a little like a fish out of water when I arrived.

It seemed like everyone knew what they were doing and I was like, help me, I’ve never been here! You need spin shoes to clip in — news to me! They employees were really helpful, got me my shoes, showed me how to use the lockers, change and get into class!

Revolve offers three different types of classes and I am pretty sure the one I did was called the “Body Ride.” I love that they have different options.

The studio was fairly small and I liked that the class was done in the dark. Mood lighting 🙂 The music was loud and pumping — which I loved. I really pushed myself during the sprints. You sweat like nothing else in a spin class.

I also like this nifty little filtered water spot! You can NOT go to spin class without a full bottle of water because you will need every drop. That was certainly the case with this class.

I loved the music mix and our instructor, Grantdid a great job keeping us up with the beat of the music. Additionally, I like how there was some arm workouts thrown in. In the middle of class, we grabbed weights from the side of the bike to do some shoulder exercises — a big bonus in my opinion.

I got to class last minute so I couldn’t get a pic in the light, so I stole this one from Meaghan’s visit so you could get a look inside the studio. 

I prefer 45 minutes to an hour classes and was happy that’s what this was (though I wasn’t sure which when class started!). The front part of the gym looks really slick and modern — and I definitely felt like I was doing the “cool kids” workout. Ha ha.

Oh yeah — and I have to give a shout out to Carly for inspiring me to finally do this. She wrote about how much she had been loving the classes on her blog and it reminded me I was well past due for a visit!

Thanks to Revolve for letting me see how this whole spin world works! I will definitely be back!

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