*Use the code “DCFeet for 15% off your order!

Hey there! I’ve got a special something for you today. As part of my involvement with Back on My Feet DC, I’m helping them raise a little money through clothing sales. They have a partnership with Brooks Running and I personally love my BoMF apparel.

The shirts are super soft, dry fit and comfortable. I enjoy wearing them out running because I know people will see it and at least be curious what kind of organization it is. Often, people will yell “Back on My Feet!” if I’m wearing during a race. They are becoming more and more known across the country. I LOVE the hoodies!

While us fitness peeps probably all spend more than we’d like on workout clothes, this time you can do it guilt-free. Your dollars will go to this amazing organization (you guys have seen all my love for them!).

BoMF does exactly what its name declares. It helps recovering addicts, alcoholics and homeless get back on their feet. Some have tried recovery again and again. Most have hit rock bottom. A thrice weekly running schedule combined with personal responsibility requirements provide a stable environment for these men and women to start to feel like they can change their lives.

BoMF not only provides a community three-four days a week for them to rely on, but also running shoes, running clothes, race fees (the races are one of the BEST things for the participants to feel accomplished) and job training classes, help getting jobs, stipends to help pay off bills and all kinds of emotional support.

Find the different sections of clothing here. Go ahead, do something good today 🙂

**If you use the code “DCFeet,” you’ll receive 15% off your order! That’s something I can provide you as a reader of The Sweet Life. 

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