Gearing up for a sprint!

Like many of you, I’m a mega fan of Runner’s World. I’ve had a subscription for years and think the magazine has extremely well-written, informative articles. They keep the stories varied, touch on unique issues and capture personal stories compassionately and accurately.

I actually forced myself to stop speed reading them while running on the treadmill because when I sat down to actually really read the articles, I realized how great they were.

It’s always been my dream to be published there (working on it!) but the next best thing might be my most recent exciting opportunity.

—–>YOU CAN GO TOO! <----->
Runner’s World Half-Marathon & Festival Details

Runner’s World has invited ME to be a featured blogger at their Runner’s World Half-Marathon & festival on October 19th and 20th in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Luckily, PA is driving distance and this is one race I did not want to miss!

I almost went last year but ended up not being able to make it so I’m ecstatic to get in on it this year, especially hand picked as an RW blogger for the event! Here is a list of other bloggers making the trip with me:

  • Tina of Carrots n’ Cake
  • Janae of Hungry Runner Girl
  • Sarah of Skinny Runner
  • Brittany of Eating Bird Food
  • Monica of Run Eat Repeat
  • Theodora of Losing Weight in the City
  • Dorthy of Mile Posts
  • Katy of Katy Widrick
  • Scott of iRunnerBlog
  • Jess of Fit Chick in the City
  • Heather of Relentless Forward Commotion
  • Jocelyn of Enthusiastic Runner
  • Ashley of Running Bun
  • Heather of Dietitian on the Run
  • Susan of Nurse on the Run
  • David of Running Because I Can
  • Janetof Because I Can
  • Toni of Running, Loving, Living

  • The best part is — you can come with me! Not everyone can go as a blogger but as a reader of The Sweet Life, I can offer you 10% off your registration. Of course I’d love to meet all of you and this will be an amazing event. Carly wrote about it last year and I was so jealous!

    You get 10% off the half-marathon or the Hat Trick — which is all three races: 5k, 10k, half-marathon! Just enter the codes below when you register!

    • 10% off the Half-Marathon: erickaandersenRWHalf
    • 10% off the Hat Trick: erickaandersenRWHat
    It’s not just a half-marathon — there are several options — as well as a load of speakers and other events. There will be live music, food, kids races, multiple seminars and more. It’s definitely a family event if you need it to be. You can see the schedule and options here.
    From last year’s race


    Also, I’m hoping they offer these photos againmy friend Jess from Blonde Ponytail went and got to pose for the cover of the magazine:

    Um, awesome! So, I’m pretty sure I’m signing up for the Hat Trick — busting out all three distances for a good time. This is all about a month before the Richmond Marathon so it will be perfect for training that weekend. You can also purchase specialized training plans for all distances!

    I seriously hope some of you can come with! Consider signing up and making a fun weekend out of it — especially if you can road trip it! Here are the discount code details again:

    • 10% off the Half-Marathon: erickaandersenRWHalf
    • 10% off the Hat Trick: erickaandersenRWHat
    If you come, you’ll hopefully see me grinning with a medal in hand at the end of the half-marathon!

    What half-marathons or races do you have coming up this fall? Are you thinking about signing up for the Runner’s World Festival? 
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