I want to tell you guys about something — something I’m hoping to make it a success. I’ve created a Facebook page and Twitter account for what I’m calling #LiveFree. Live Free is a positive place to celebrate humanity, liberty, find inspiration, share common principles and lift up goals, hard work and accomplishment.

I want you to join the #LiveFree community and help share these uplifting stories to help foster positive environment online and celebrates people making brave decisions, paying it forward, living in freedom. Please consider liking the #LiveFree Facebook page and following @LiveFree on Twitter. I want to see where I can take this.


I also wanted to let you know about a bi-weekly online event being hosted by Runner’s World and Altra Footwear. I am working with Runner’s World for the Half-Marathon in October and Altra is a sponsor. Their first #runtalk is tonight at 7pmPT.

Each installment of #RunTalks will be a live broadcast for anyone who wants to view. Every seminar will include experts in the running community.

This sounds like a great way to learn a little, network and get your name out there. A little late for those on the East Coast but maybe that’s just for an early bird like me! Join the event here.

**UPDATE: This one is actually TOMORROW at 2:30pmET:


Pin with Me

Lastly, I’m trying to get more Pinterest followers. Shameless ask!

Pinterest is one of those weird social media beasts that its hard to get more followers from because we simply don’t think about it.

If you started early enough on Pinterest, you got a ton of followers. But now — people don’t take the time to follow new people unless you are a big name or brand. Thus — I’m asking you to follow me! And…I promise follow backs so it’s a win-win 🙂

When you hear #LiveFree — what kinds of images do you get? How do you #LiveFree each day? 

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