Sister pic: Lindsey, me, Shelby

So indulge for a sec in my wonderful photos from a visit home this past weekend. I tried not to be too camera-obsessed so I didn’t get as many good ones as I planned but hey, settle for the cuteness you get.

Having a conference in my home state was so nice because I combined it with a visit and there are never enough of those, especially with the little ones growing so fast.

L to R: Giovanna, Shelby, me, Alexi, Julie, Thaddeus, Barbie

It just so happened that my aunts from Florida and my cousins were also going to be in Indiana this weekend. Family is hard to get together sometimes — especially when we all live in different states. This was just a coincidence and a happy one.

I grew up with my aunts around but they moved away when I was about 10 or 11 but we’ve always remained close. My other set of aunts live in Indiana and drove up from Bloomington to hang for the day too. It was basically a family reunion for me and it’s one of the things that makes me happiest. That kind of togetherness is actually priceless when you think about it.

Grandma and Grandpa with (some) of their kids and grandkids

The shining through the trees in the backyard, a nice breeze, cold drinks, good food — it really was a perfect afternoon to sit around and just be. I never tire of good food and it was nice not to have to cook for once!

Here’s a sample of some of what we had:

Alexi and Julie made a brie croissant wedge w/ peach jam. It was AMAZING!

One of the cutest scenes of the whole day was the friendship forged between my cousin Thaddeus and Giovanna. I think they usually gravitate toward one another but they were just the best of friends on Sunday. He’s really gentle and sweet with her and she just responds so well. Here are a couple of them together:

And a little more cuteness (sorry, proud aunt!):

So anyway, I obviously had a great time in Indiana and was really happy to see my family. Hope you enjoyed a little peak into our weekend!

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