Today I decided I just had to try out a Crossfit box in Indianapolis while I was in town. I always say I’m going to visit new boxes when I’m away from DC but never do. However, I’m staying with my parents for this trip (it’s a work trip, more to come on that), and Crossfit Naptown just happened to be a mile from their house.

Of course I wore my Trident Crossfit shirt to represent! 🙂

I admit, I was nervous arriving. I mean, I’ve really never gone to an outside box aside from the experience I had at the Reebok Crossfit One box on the promotional trip I took last year.

Here, I didn’t want to look like a beginner or look weak. I wondered if people did things differently or how hardcore these people were. I figured a 12 noon class probably wasn’t the hardest core class around (usually that’s the evening folks) but in I went.

I brought my Dad with me, who took these lovely photos 🙂

Turns out, yesterday they were doing Overhead Squats for the strength portion. Never my strong suit but I figured I’d give it my best. I partnered up with a really nice girl, Sarah, who kind of showed me the ropes. The poor girl had broken her arm back in April doing Crossfit. She had a huge scar on her arm and it looked pretty scary but she was back at it — doing light weights and building back up.

I didn’t push it since I didn’t want to fail at a new gym so ended up doing 5 sets of 2, highest weight of 85 pounds. I felt like I could do way heavier than that so next time we do them at Trident, I really need to get on it.

Then it was on to the WOD — turned out to be a bit of a doozy: “Jackie” backwards, which is:

30 pull-ups
50 thrusters (45lb bar)
1,000m row

It seems so short yet it can be brutal. Even though the thrusters were light, 50 thrusters can make anyone hurt. I decided I’d try half of the pull-ups, then move to ring rows. I ended up getting 11 pull-ups before scaling down. My first two pull ups are always great — then it goes downhill.

The thrusters were rough getting through — it hurt! Then, the 1,000m row felt like it was taking forever. I was trying to incorporate everything I’ve learned recently and keep it a very slow return like I saw all the pros do at the Crossfit Games. I was totally wasted by the end of the row and finished the workout in like 10:30 I think.

Of course everyone there was super friendly. The owner came over and introduced himself to my Dad and I. My Dad seems to know everyone in Indiana so he ended up chatting it up with one of the coaches and they had someone in common of course.

I had to fill them in on my recent adventures at the Crossfit Games and bought a Crossfit Naptown shirt for the road as well. I may go back at least one more time while I’m here — only $5 to return and you know about my Crossfit addiction! 🙂

It was really fun to try out a new box and meet some new people — I’ve got to start sticking to my plan and do this more often. Later this year, I’ll be in San Francisco and Pennsylvania so maybe just maybe I’ll get it done.

Do you ever try new gyms when you are traveling? I love mixing it up! I think it’s more popular to do in the Crossfit world but maybe I’m wrong!
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