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Day #2 of The Crossfit Games was awesome! It started off with a WOD right outside my hotel room with bloggers, media, Reebok staff and celebrity trainer Yumi Lee!

Yumi owns Crossfit LAB in L.A. with her husband (who competed in the Games this week). They train Jessica Alba, Hugh Jackman, Joe Manganiello and more. WOA! She was supersweet and they did a great job with our WOD, which included:

  • Part A: 20 step ups, 10 push ups, 10 jumping squats (3x)
  • Part B: Tabata KB swings, DB thrusters, ab mat situps (8x)

I was worked out and ready to start the day after that sweat sesh! Oh here’s Yumi and I (side by side with a shot of her with Jessica Alba…PROOF!)

Yumi with Jessica Alba, Yumi with me 🙂

The ladies and I post-workout: 

Me, Tina, Anne, Gina

After the workout, we showered and headed over to the Crossfit Games, where it was bustling. I had missed a whole portion of the event space on Friday and was excited to find a TON of cool vendors. Lots of unique Crossfit brands and paleo out the wazoo. At the restaurant, burgers came without buns and you got a side of sweet potatoes instead of french fries.

But more on the details later. Let’s get to the good stuff — like awesome photos of some of the most inspiring athletes I know.

On the right, Talayna Fortunato
2011 & 2012 Games Winner Rich Froning
Reston, VA’s Gretchen Kittelberger! Rooting her for her since she’s DC-area!

Main Individual Heat
1000M row
25 pull ups x 5
7 push-press x 5
Ladies chipper 
Guys Chipper

Jason Khalipa (2008 winner) and Rich Froning are running neck and neck on the leaderboard. You know Khalipa wants to win this thing SO bad but I have a feeling that Froning is going to pull it out once more.

Samantha Briggs is number1 for the ladies right now but Alessandra Pichelli is number 2 and I think this could be a close run for the ladies. I’m still pulling for DC-crossfitter Christy Phillips — who is doing great. Here’s Pichelli & Briggs post-WOD:

Watching the top 3 winners of the chipper was fascinating. The way they jammed through their pull ups was incredible. The winner, Valerie Voboril, completed her first three rounds of 25 pull-ups UNBROKEN. Talk about fast. Also, I read that she is a 34-year-old mother and 4th grade teacher — just to make her MORE awesome 🙂

Voboril, Natalie McClain & Camille Leblanc-Bazinet getting their awards for the chipper from Dave Castro

Teams also competed yesterday — not as fun to watch as individuals in my opinion but still amazing to watch these people go through reps like they are nothing. Teams:


Yesterday, I also got to say hello to one of my favorite bloggers for the first time — Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean! She is here and I knew I had to say hello. I also got to meet up with Meg from Run, Fit, Kin (my roomie from Fitbloggin 2012)!

Amy is here from DC as well –– and then I unexpectedly ran into another member of Trident Crossfit, Cole! My coaches from Trident are here at the games running an instructional booth so I got to go say hello to them as well.

Pic 1: Gina, Anne, Lindsay, Me. Pic 2: me & Amy. Pic 3: Me & Meg. Pic 4: Me and Cole

It was a HOT HOT day yesterday. I was comfy decked out in all my awesome Reebok gear — that purple top I’m wearing was very comfortable and good for a day in the sun but my shoulders got some serious sun.

It’s funny walking around the Games because everyone is decked out in workout gear — tons of ironic Crossfit shirts and quads like you’ve never seen. I’ve never seen many amazing butts in my life — ha ha. It is seriously Crossfit Universe here — we are all drinking the kool-aid. Here’s a sample:

Baking in the California sun:

Obviously I have so many photos I don’t know what to do with! There’s so much more I want to tell you about the atmosphere, the food, the people, the competition — but I am breaking this up so you don’t have to digest it all in one gulp!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more! Don’t miss my post from Day #1!

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