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Hello from the shores of Manhattan Beach! I’m here in California for the 2013 Reebok Crossfit Games, courtesy of Reebok as sponsored media. And…I’m pumped!

I started the day off flying straight from DC to LAX on Alaska Airlines. Then, Anne and I had a car waiting for us to head to the Belarus Hotel just a mile from the beach. Our room wasn’t ready so we took a stroll down the beach.

All the little houses were so cute! I felt like I was walking through a storybook of unique houses all twined together on a yellow brick road or something. They must have all been worth millions right off the beach but man, it was cool just walking through them.

The weather was cooler than we expected but nice for walking. The beach was full of people — kids groups, volleyball teams, surfers and more. Much more lively and colorful than ones I’m used to seeing that’s for sure.

We finally met Gina for lunch at Rockn’ Fish two blocks from the water. It was a cute little place and I had a hard time deciding between fish tacos (obviously!) and the jerk filet chicken salad.

I ended up picking the salad with a side of sweet potato fries (can’t resist!) and I tried a local IPA just because I could. Wasn’t a huge fan but was nice to try something from Cali. After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our first night at the Games.

We met up with the fabulous crew from Reebok to head over — but not before receiving an awesome, huge duffel bag full of Reebok goodies. I never expected them to stock us up so much but lemme tell you, I’m not complaining! I got Nano 3.0’s best of all:

Pumped! We put on some of our new gear and headed to the Games for 3 hours of competition. The StubHub Center is located about 45 minutes from our hotel. As soon as we walked in, the excitement was palpabable. We were here!

Immediately, I noticed that pretty much everyone walking around was packed full of muscle and looked amazing. This is most definitely the most fit crowd I’ve ever been a part of. A stadium full of people and not a one looking like they really need to go for a few runs.

I have a few responsibilities while here — including tweeting, Instagraming, Facebooking and blogging anything and everything. Pretty awesome, right? We got this when we arrived:

We all got the same gear, here’s a great shot of Tina, Gina and I — we all accidentally picked the same shirt to wear on night #1! Thanks Tina for the pic!

Here’s a shot from when we walked in — of the packed-full Center:

Here’s the event we caught on Friday night — watching about 10 rounds or so of men and women compete. It’s like “Fran” on steroids and soooo rough. I was sitting there eating french fries cheering them on thinking — Dude….these people are awesome.

A few photos I caught of the action, starting with DC crossfitter and 2nd place winner in this competition for the women, Christy Phillips (who I met last year at Reebok headquarters.):

Okay, that’s all you get for now! I’m off to Day #2 and can’t wait to see what’s in store. I hear it’s brutal! Much like the WOD I just did this morning with a VIP (more details on that tomorrow!).

How inspiring are these athletes? Reebok does an amazing job with the Games — looking forward to sharing more soon!

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