I know I’m a lucky lady for getting to try out so many new shoes from Reebok. When I got these last week, I was unsure what to think. Check out the bottoms! But I soon learned there was a reason behind the uneven surfacing. 

These shoes are made for the woods! They are called the “ATV19” — so think four-wheelers and hijacked trucks running over roots and hills and all kinds of terrain. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to run on such terrain in them yet myself but I did run in them on a trail — and they are very comfortable. Cushy and perfect for the kind leaping and bounding they were made for. This commercial demos it well: 

The ATV19 running shoe is designed to provide earth-shaking traction and durable comfort.

  • Multi-layer mesh and synthetic upper for durability, ventilation and flex
  • Low-cut design for mobility with a padded heel collar for comfort and stability
  • ATV19 outsole technology features 19 large size ATV lugs to help provide traction and agility on various surfaces
  • Full-length IMEVA midsole for cushioning, and a full-length PU sockliner for added comfort
  • 3D durability graphic for lightweight support

If you are a trail runner — or you like to switch it up every now and then, I definitely recommend these shoes. When you are running over rough terrain, you need something that’s going to keep you stable — and keep a grip on moving rocks, and other materials.

Plus, you’ve got this extra awesome pink and orange color scheme going on. I like to have different pairs of shoes for different activities. Like I’ve got my Crossfit shoes, my long distance running shoes, and now I’ve got these for trails. Oh —  here’s the dude version: 

Check ’em out online and get ya some!

Do you use different shoes for different activities? It can get pricey for some, it’s worth it!
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