How long has it been since I did a food post? SO long. My sister Shelby (she doesn’t blog much but man, you should follow her on Twitter — she cracks me up.) will tell you because she always tweets me about how she misses the food posts!

It’s not that I don’t cook — it’s that I never cook anything “pretty” enough to photograph! Plus, usually by the time I make dinner or whatever, it’s late and we just want to eat and not mess with photos. Food bloggers out there probably have some grumpy husbands that end up eating food half cold from all the photos that have to be taken before it’s eaten!

Anyway, I made this yesterday and finally got some shots. SO good! This combo of flavors sounded so amazing to me when I saw the recipe in an old magazine clipping I had saved from forever ago.

The BEFORE (looks good, eh?):

Maple Pork Roast with Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Apples

Here’s the recipe — or you can click here for a better view

Results: I love, loved, loved the roasted sweet potatoes and apples together. I took every bite with a bit of sweet potato, apple and pork chop. It was a delicious combo. 
Only thing I would change.…put extra spices on the pork and make double the honey glaze they recommend. If you are like me, the sweeter the better. If you have the time, I’d even suggest marinating it in some of the glaze and spices (possibly a crockpot option?) Our pork was a little dry but I still really enjoyed this meal overall!
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