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Um, so I might have gone to Kure juice bar more than once. Obsessed. Anne told me she gets her veggie juice at Whole Foods back in DC. Normally, I avoid Whole Foods because of cost and hassle but since I’m trying to make a real turn for clean eating, I might have to start going. Though I make my own juice, it’s a time suck and I’d like to sometimes have something readily available.

Any suggestions on best veggie juice? I’m thinking something other than Naked or Bolthouse Farms. Just curious if you guys had any favs!

Back to Portland…So we did a few other things I wanted to tell you about — though this one is taken at the Vietnemese place from day 1 — soooo good! I’m on a mission to find some good Vietnemese here in DC now!

Tina, Heather, Bobbi, Me, Anne, Gina

On Saturday morning, we were scheduled for crossfit — lead by Reebok and Crossfit Stumptown in Portland! I was excited but knew it would probably be pretty tame. People are always nervous about trying crossfit for the first time because it’s made out to be so hardcore. But…it’s only as hardcore as you make it. Without bars or equipment, this workout couldn’t be too complicated.

We ended up doing a 4-minute WOD (workout of the day) with 5 push ups, 7 sit ups and 9 squats AMRAP (as many rounds as possible.) I pushed it and was totally sweaty and out of breath by 2 minutes in but kept going. You can get a serious workout with those three moves. Since it was only 4 minutes, I ended up running 5 miles later in the day just because I felt the serious need for a run.

Crossfit coaches gearing up!

In the meantime, I continued spreading the Mizuno love to all the ladies I met (very few men were in attendance.) I thought it was cool to meet a ton of new people from the West Coast. Living in California or Oregon seems like another world to me. I’m sure it would feel really different living over here.

Here’s Kasey, Danielle and Shannyn:

On Saturday night, we ended up on the rooftop of our hotel. The restaurant/bar was called Departure and it was a beautiful scene. We all said we thought it kind of felt like New York — very swanky and perfect weather for chilling out.   Also — like the new dress I got for $20 at Forever 21? Yeah!

Tina, Me, Julie, Anne, Heather, Gina

Earlier in the day, we had walked around Portland and visited a local Farmer’s Market. It was SO perfect — much better than Eastern Market in DC that I’m used to. This one was huge and all the fresh fruit and veggies sitting out were awesome. I ordered some white raspberries and ate the whole sweet basket!

The atmosphere was relaxing and happy with plenty of hippies around making music to give it a distinct Portland feel. Here’s a little slideshow of photos I took (discovered a super easy way to put this together and make it look professional with Photo Peach):

Oh yeah, Friday night we had dinner at Merriwether’sa suggestion from Kristina! Thank you for that because it was awesome:

Charissa, Kasey, Heather, Me, Bobbi (pic from Heather!)

Overall, I had such a great time at Fitbloggin in Portland. It was awesome to go to a new city and make so many great connections with bloggers and brands. 

My favorite session was definitely “Getting Paid v. Paying your Blogger Dues” lead by Leah Segedie, who runs Bookie Boo and writes for Mamavation. She knew what she was talking about and I got some great advice on how to add business for that side of my blog. Very cool and I’m excited to get started! Actually, coming soon — a blog makeover! I’m going to change up the site a bit — can’t wait! 

PS — I will announce the winner of BOTH Mizuno Give-aways tomorrow!

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