This week I had the chance to try brunch at El Centro D.F. in downtown D.C. I can always count on my friend Ariana to find an awesome new place for brunch! And when it starts with this as an appetizer, you know I am in. Such a sucker for good guac!

We met there around 11am on Sunday for their $35 bottomless brunch, which includes all kinds of drinks and unlimited items from the brunch menu. Overwhelming but awesome!

We sat on the upstairs deck, which is a really festive theme to it — and is un-airconditioned so it kind of felt like we were actually in Mexico. Actually, the outdoor bars, the wooden tables and chairs, the sweat, the tequila, the salt — it was a really neat atmosphere. Even though it was really hot and humid, we decided to stick with outdoors and soak up the experience.

I got a hibiscus aqua fresca made with tequila, mostly because hibiscus sounded cool. The aqua frescas ended up being a little too sweet for me so I only drank a little but if you are a sweet drinker, you will love them! Mostly, I was sucking down water because I was sweating a lot! (they do have an inside, air conditioned portion of the restaurant as well, by the way!)

Then, you just start ordering random things from the menu — everything sounded awesome and we wanted to try it all!

It was great to catch up with Ari — who moved to Baltimore last year so I don’t see her as much! Brunch is definitely one of our favorite things to do — and I love having girlfriends to try out new places with. There’s a neverending selection in the DC area — one great thing about living in a big city I think.

For dessert, she had raved about the Mexican French Toast — well, I couldn’t say no to trying that! It was french toast covered in this delicious caramel, cinnamon-like sauce and topped with mango (I think!). So delish but I was so full I could barely eat a couple of bites. Save room for this if you go!

Because it was midday on a Saturday, I didn’t want to leave feeling miserable so I didn’t overdo it but man I left satisfied. Everything I tried was delicious and it’s clear they pride themselves on giving patrons an authentic experience.

This place is right next to Masa 14 on 14th street, another limitless brunch restaurant. I’d say El Centro wins the brunch war on this one!

If you are in the DC -area, what are your favorite places for brunch? I’d love some suggestions of what to try next!
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