6am, best time for a run!

Workout: 5.5 mile run (9 min. pace)
                 45 min. Crossfit (WOD below)

So this post is actually about my double workout yesterday but the line just went together and it is now Wednesday so whatever.

Do you ever do double workouts? I cram so much into my mornings, it’s insane. Often, the only time my friend Maggie and I can get together is for a pre-work run.

For me, it’s hard to cram in because I like to make sure I get to Crossfit or go to Back on My Feet. My solution this time around was double in the AM. If you are going to do a double workout, I’d definitely suggest doing on in the AM, one in the PM — rather than right in a row like I did yesterday.

Make it Happen

I was up at 4:45 (my alarm was set for 5:05 but I woke up) so I got up, had half a cup of coffee and spent 25 minutes reading my Bible (new habit!).

I met my friend Maggie at 5:30 and we headed off on a run. We had a lot to talk about — we get our issues out when we are running. I love Maggie because she totally “gets” me when it comes to running. She’s the only friend I met in real life through other friends (as opposed to meeting via blogs) that is a runner with the same passion as me.

Trying some new photo apps: Instagrid

We ran about 5.5 miles in the sunrise humidity goodness of DC. I love those early runs — even in the humidity. I was really out of breath the whole time (partly because I was talking a lot) but I was shocked to see our mile splits were over 9 minutes. I shouldn’t have to work that hard for 9-minute miles. Grrr!

So after that, I drove to Crossfit for the WOD. I knew I wouldn’t have my normal oomph but figured I’d see how it sent anyway.

Strength: Bench Press 1RM

WOD for time: 


Box jump 
Dumbbell push press
Calorie Row

I did NOT grab heavy enough dumbbells. Fifteen pounds were way too easy but I just went with it since I knew I was a little fatigued. One of the coaches ended up switching them up for me. I think next time I definitely need to go for 25 pounders.

New photo app #2: Picstitch (thanks for suggestions, Erica!)

Also, on my bench press, I got almost 85 pounds. I was *thisclose to getting it up but ultimately didn’t do it! Boo…next time. I think I could have if  hadn’t run first. I also think it’s kind of a mental thing — I KNOW I could have done it.

The Results

Anyway, after the workout I felt good — not overly fatigued — and glad I had done both workouts. That being said, it’s tough. I chugged a billion gallons of water to try and re-hydrate but I always sweat for like an hour afterward.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have a big appetite all morning. I figured I’d be starving but the 100 degree temps might have played a hand in downplaying my appetite.

I’m a fan of double workout days but would have done it morning/evening if I could have. If I had more time or flexibility in my day, I would do it more often — simply because you need different workouts to work different things. Like I’d love to sometimes do yoga or go swimming — but since I’m not a professional athlete or paid to workout, I guess I’ll have to stick with things the way they are 🙂

Do you double up? Pros/Cons? Would you if you had the time or energy?
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