So you guys know I’ve been working really hard on building arm muscle. I go to crossfit and do extra dumbbell lifting on the side. Actually in the past two weeks, I started doing less for two reasons — 1) I wasn’t sure the extra was making much of a difference and 2) I felt like I was actually overdoing it.

So I’ve been taking it easy for two weeks now but when I did a mini-photo shoot for this workout in the park, I was surprised to see how much you can tell — at least from behind — that I’ve built some solid muscle. I actually can’t believe that’s actually me in that photo. Wow….so yeah, angle and flexing makes a difference but I know my hard work has helped me get stronger and build muscle. And that’s awesome to me!

Anyway, Rick and I went to the nearby park this weekend to workout and luckily, he was in the mood to be my photographer (and to be in a few shots himself!) I created an easy workout in the park for folks to follow. I now these kinds of fitness equipment are set up in lots of parks around the country so hopefully some of you can get some use out of it.

We were also showcasing some of our newer Reebok gear — he ordered a pair of men’s running shoes with one of my gift cards — don’t they look nice?

Partner Up in the Park Arm Workout

*10 sprints
— 10 elevated push-ups
— 15 knees to elbow
— 15 bench press pull-ups
— 10 elevated sit-ups (or v-ups)
— 10 regular pull ups
–10 tricep dips
*2 sprints
(Repeat 2-3x)

Sometimes it’s fun to go do something different, you know? Do you guys ever do makeshift workouts outside of your normal spots? This one is about 1.5 miles from our house so with additional walk it ends being a pretty good run.

How do you like our gear? I LOVE that Reebok print shirt — I’m all about the workout gear with inspiring words and phrases these days and Reebok has really latched on to that trend well.

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