1. Not THOSE Kind of Cookies!

I’ve got a few things to share with you guys today. One, my friend Kira (she’s super famous for appearing on a G+ Hangout with President Obama earlier this year — catch her intro at 2:05!), brought a really important issue to my attention this week. 

It’s something that could affect you as a blogger, business owner, and consumer. It could also have issues on our electoral process. 

Mozilla Firefox (and possibly Google), a widely used browser, may be blocking 3rd party cookies. What does this mean? —->; Blocking third party cookies will tear down the ad networks of smaller bloggers and businesses — something they depend on for income. 

It will also leave valuable data in the hands of just two large corporations…this data can be “held hostage” during elections depending on the politics of those who run them. Read more detail about it here. 

Kira did a video explaining it a bit more here: 

Since this is a private market issue, she believes Mozilla can be pressured to change their strategy with just a small amount of publicity (they’ve already pushed their plans back due to the incredible drop-off of Firefox users from this announcement).

We won’t know the consequences of this small but vital change until it’s too late – so please, speak out now! Check my Twitter feed tomorrow for tweets you can copy. 

2. Ethos Adventures

I got an email recently from the creator of a new “Choose Your Own Adventure” app. Sounds pretty cool, right? 

Stole this pic from Pinterest but love it! Patagonia: 

Creator Laura Baker says: 

“Instead of pouring over websites, yelp reviews, guidebooks, etc., you can just download and go!  It’s great for groups of friends who want to do something different and be surprised!  The app itself will be cool, but really it is just there to facilitate and guide you (and your significant other or your family) through an awesome day outdoors!  There’s nothing like breathing fresh air and releasing your expectations.”

Right now, they are in the fundraising stage but it sounds really awesome to me. Here’s a video explaining more from folks who’ve already tried out Ethos Adventure sans app: 

Here are a few reasons you might to consider keeping Ethos in mind: 

1. Perfect for Active People: Whether you are traveling or have a free Saturday and want to shake up the routine, the Choose Your Own Adventure mobile app allows you to get outside in an unexpected way.

2. Made for Busy People:  It takes time and energy to plan the perfect getaway or determine what sights are worth seeing.  With the Choose Your Own Adventure mobile app, you can focus on the experience.

3. Perks of Pre-Ordering: By participating in the crowdfunding phase you get to help determine WHERE adventures are built first and you save money!

3. The Million Mile Run

Wow, that’s a whole lotta miles — but isn’t finding a cure for childhood cancer worth it? There are so many places raising money for good causes but there’s honestly never enough cancer research. Until we find a cure, we need to keep funding research. 

This organization was literally started by a 4-year-old girl with cancer who started a lemonade stand on her own with a mission to raise $1 million. Watch this short documentary trailer and be inspired by her short life, which ended tragically when she was just 8 years old: 

Alex’s Lemonade Stand is doing an awesome fundraiser this September — collectively running 1 million miles to raise 

The goal is to recruit thousands of individuals and groups to dedicate the miles they run/walk in September to the Million Mile Run. Here are a few details if you want to get involved: 

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