Zoe Romano is running. She’s running 30 miles per day for 9 weeks — the first person ever to run the route of the Tour de France. That’s a total of 2,088 miles — and she’s in the MIDDLE of it right now!

But it’s not just for fun. She’s doing it to raise money for the World Pediatric Project and she’s sponsored by the coincidentally named restaurant, Zoës Kitchen. 

Zoe wants to raise $100,000 — so she needs your support. And this is a GOOD cause!

Here’s what WPP does:

We heal critically ill children and build indigenous healthcare capacity in developing nations. World Pediatric Project accomplishes this mission through effective programs which heal children today while building and implementing programs to heal the children of tomorrow.

Every child, regardless of geography, will have access to quality, critical care so that they can live full and productive lives.

Pretty cool that Zoe is running for this! You can learn more about here and follow the hashtag #ZoeGoesRunning on Twitter. Don’t forget to check out and give props to Zoës Kitchen for being such a big part of it as well. Check out this video explaining more:

Here’s her route: 

This girl is no stranger to LONG distance. In 2011, she ran across the country to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club! Can’t believe I’ve found two people crazy enough to do that! Remember my interview with Jeff Grabosky — who also ran all the way across the country?

From Zoe’s run across the country

For the Tour de France route,  a photographer and filmmaker from Richmond, VA will be documenting her journey. That is definitely something I want to see in the end!

Can you imagine how Zoe feels right now, nearly 1,000 miles into this? Wow. I can’t imagine the lessons she might be learning, the struggle she might be having. I will be really interested to hear a post-run interview with this amazing girl!

If you want to help, click here to find out how — and you’ll get a $5 Zoës goodie! If nothing else, share this story!


Berry Sleepy
So, the peeps at Berry Sleepy asked me if I’d be up for trying their natural sleep remedy — and I said yes. If there’s one thing I truly appreciate — it is a good night’s sleep. Makes SUCH a difference in life!
I was excited to give it a try because I’m always up for something natural over something else. Plus, I love this cute little family video that tells the story of Berry Sleepy:
Here’s what they had to say about it on their site: 
Many sleep aids have addictive chemicals and potentially harmful effects. A family friend clued us in that there are a few select fruits around the world that aid in sleep. However, few people knew about that benefit and the fruits weren’t always very accessible.
With that in mind, we worked with pharmacists and nutrition experts to bring these superfruits together in one product for the first time. With Berry Sleepy, you get an effective sleep aid and one that gives you vitamins and antioxidants from 100% pure fruit. It’s non-addictive and you won’t wake up with a groggy feeling. 

The groggy feeling is the WORST and I was so glad to discover something that didn’t have that. I tried Berry Sleepy on several different occasions and was pleased to feel a noticeable effect of relaxation. Also, sleeping through the night — my main issue — was noticeably better!

I also liked the fact that I was getting vitamins and anti-oxidents — just an added bonus to being able to fall asleep more easily. I definitely want to try out the effects over a longer period of time just to track my patterns but overall, I’m impressed.

Several moms with little kids (as the founders are) said it really helped them with sleeping as well — and I know sleep is even more important to parents!

Do you have trouble sleeping — or staying asleep? Berry Sleepy might work for you and they’ve offered all Sweet Life readers a discount! If you order, use Coupon Code: Ericka, for $5 off your first purchase!

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