Author Jeanette Walls at the event.

So book posts are NOT traffic drivers 🙂 but books are one of the loves of my life and so, I shall continue writing them!

Last night, I went to an event a Sixth and I with one of my favorite authors, Jeanette Walls — the author of “The Glass Castle.” The book was overwhelmingly popular and sold over 4 million copies. Woa. I loved the book and eagerly read her second one, “Half-Broke Horses.”

Now she is on a book tour for her third book “The Silver Star” — her first novel. I was excited when Evi invited me to attend because I always forget to check out author appearances even though I live in a very media-ish town.

The Talk

I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve actually never really been to an author appearance like this. Well, I was blown away by Jeanette’s kindness and personality. She was funny, articulate and obviously took a great perspective on life — even though if you have the read the first book, you know her life has been anything but easy.

“You should never hate anyone, not even your worst enemies. Everyone has something good about them. You had to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that.”  — The Glass Castle

She takes the idea that people do the best they can with what they have where they are. She doesn’t hold grudges and she accepts her hard times as a blessing for helping creating the life she has now. If only everyone could see the world this way.

My Little Secret

I was *thisclose to not going last night but I’m so glad I did. In addition to feeling moved by her words, I was inspired. I am working on writing a book believe it or not. I am not sure you are supposed to tell people that but I am. I’m going to finish it. If I have to self-publish it, I will but it’s happening.

Once of my many shelves of books at home:

I recently dug through a ton of old stuff at my parents house and you know what I found? Notebook after notebook full of writing. I wrote so much as a kid — it was constant and consuming. I even won a few contests & was pretty decent for 14-year-old!  I let that love go awhile back, out of frustration and…whatever else. 

Hearing Jeanette speak last night was truly a gift from God to me. It was Him saying, go for it. And I am! I won’t tell you what it is and I sure don’t know when it will be done but…it’s happening people.

Blogs You Need to Read

Every once in awhile I need to pimp some cool sites for you! This time I’ve got some good ones…including the following:

  • The Wiegands: This is the cutest blog but the cutest little family. It’s sweet and fresh and gorgeous. Full of beautiful photos and an authentic voice, I really enjoy it.
  • Strong Figure: I met Stephanie last weekend at Crossfit Regionals and we immediately bonded when discovered we both had blogs. I really liked hers as soon as I got a chance to check it out. It’s full of great tips, ideas and issues that most of those who read The Sweet Life will relate to. Definitely check it out!
  • Chris Vargo: I did a profile on Chris awhile back — you may remember him as the man who can run a marathon in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Whaaaa? Yeah. He also just won a 50-miler race in the woods. So this talented running man has started a blog about his adventures. If its anything as good as his Instagram feed, we’re in for a treat!
  • Fashion and Philosophers: My friend Sarah (who went to Congo with me last year) is one of the coolest girls I’ve met. She’s funky, creative and has a super sweet heart. I love how she’s combined two of her loves into one in this unique blog. It’s jammed full of awesome – including a special component to sell jewelry to raise money for our kids in Congo. Seriously check out “Kicheko” (which means “laughter” in Swahili) for some sweet earrings for a good cause!
  • Crossfit or Die: Justin is an avid crossfitter and could tell you a little bit about doing Paleo hardcore too! I love the name of his new blog and am looking forward to his insights on one of my favorite sports! I especially loved his recent post, “The Paleo Alcohol Guide” — perfect for so many of you trying to do it right and still have fun!

If you live in DC, I’d recommend you try out this awesome open house, happening near Chinatown this Saturday!

They are doing several classes: 

1:00pm: Kickboxing
2:00pm: Women’s Self-Defense Class
3:00pm: Kray Self-Defense w/ Weapons Class

FREE: Simple Faith Practices for Busy MomsYes, please!