I would really be okay if all of my life were the weekend. Okay, probably not but man do I love them!

I started out Friday night in Del Ray. It was hot hot hot — and we walked in the humidity to the downtown area.

I realized that I am starting to see familiar faces and it feels a little bit “small town-ish,” a feeling I like. Growing up, my town was small enough that you always saw the same people everywhere.

We had dinner at Pork Barrel BBQ — though we ordered food from their sister restaurant “Holy Cow” because you can order from both. Holy Cow was jam packed full of families and Pork Barrel was chill so we sat at the bar and got cheeseburgers.

Saturday was a beautiful day. I started off with crossfit at Trident in the AM — it really took it out of me and I actually took a nap when I got home. Totally weird behavior for me!

Then, we took the bikes out and rode down to a grassy area in Alexandria to play with our new frisbee!

We’ve been trying to come up with some “new activities” to do. Anyone that’s a couple knows that sometimes you run out of things to do all the time. Bikes, frisbee, checkers — what else should we add to the list?

The frisbee was actually really fun. It’s been years since I played but I was actually pretty impressed with my skills. I mean, it took me a bit to start throwing it with any kind of aim or success but I wasn’t bad at catching it.

I also felt like I was getting kind of a workout because I was jumping, running to grab it and we had a good pace going. You could burn some major calories if you played for like an hour!

We played for about 20 minutes and were sweating like crazy even thought it was 5pm. It was in the 90s this weekend! I guess that was a good way to kick off June.

Then we did a little resting in the grass — always an essential part of an outdoor adventure 🙂

I really love this part of Alexandria and the Mt. Vernon trail has seen more times than I could tell you. It’s such a cute little area and I love the harbor. We saw lots of people sailing, kayaking and even stand up paddle-boarding. I think we are going to try kayaking on the Potomac sometime soon. I’ve done it once before and loved it.

Afterwards, I went home exhausted but had to rally because it was my friend Amy’s birthday party at Mad Rose Tavern in Clarendon.

I was excited to have a reason to visit that area because I hardly ever do — and I had never been to this place. I met up with her and some of her friends and we had a lot of fun.

On Sunday, we went to church and then I headed out to see Michelle — she’s been at home all week bored, just waiting for baby Austin to arrive.

She was two days overdue when I went to visit and today is three days over her due date. Crazy! I hadn’t seen her in over three weeks so she her belly was definitely bigger. I just kept thinking — there’s a baby just all curled up in there ready to come out and see us!

So chances are, she will deliver on Wednesday — and I’m really excited! You know it makes me so sad that I’m not there to see my niece and nephew in Indiana very often so I’m going to make myself the honorary aunt of Michelle’s baby. She is my first close friend to have one where I will actually be around because I live in the same area!

Anyway, it’s Monday and I’m not super excited about that fact but…I’m heading to New York on Wednesday for Personal Democracy Forum — which I’m excited about. I will also get to hang out with Heather — who just graduated from law school this weekend!

***UPDATE: I’ll let you know the winner of the #MakeItHappen Challenge this week!

Do you have any suggestions of “couples activities” that R and I can do together? I’d love to hear what others have come up with in their relationships!
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