Hi guys! So workouts this week have been good (sorry for the terrible title of this post — if you didn’t know it’s the lyrics to “Fergalicious.”) — despite me feeling a little too attached to food. Sometimes my stress factor gets the best of me and I am just inexplicably drawn to fill that void with food. Nothing like the “old days” but still something I really hate.

Despite the draw, I’ve just kept up my workouts healthily. Monday, I took a much-needed break even though I actually had to make myself do it!

That’s the thing about crossfit –– I seriously never want to miss a class! It’s so much fun. As I’ve mentioned before, it always reminds me of gymnastics as a kid — when I LOVED class and got really excited about going and getting better at it.

(I get back to my gymnastics roots sooooometimes):

Luckily I DID take that break because I was SO ready for a good class on Tuesday morning at Trident. Knock on wood but I actually felt like this workout was pretty easy for me. Obviously, I needed to up the poundage on my hang cleans. FYI: I was doing 65 pounds.

Teams of Two (one runs 200m and one works, runner is the pace setter)
6 Rounds
10 x Hang Clean 
14 x Ring Push Ups 
18 x V-Ups

Since I’ve been so focused on building my arm muscle lately, I went back to my apartment gym and completed an arm set of dumbbell curls and a few machine exercises with heavy weights. Now all I need to do is get a bit leaner so you can actually SEE my hard work 🙂

Oh yeah — and in between — I got this special delivery from Reebok! I will be doing a thorough review on these later but here’s a peak:

Yesterday morning, I wasn’t feeling so hot (been  having some weird stomach issues) but once I got moving, things were better. I ran to Crossfit where I continued yawning for most of class but was still able to crank it up.  Here was Wednesday’s workout:

4 x Rounds
50m Overhead DB Lunges  
7 x Incline Single -Arm DB Bench Press 
9 x Medball Russian Twists 
Cash out 800m Run

The lunges were killer with 15 pound dumbbells but I kept it up the whole time and was one of the first finishers, which is certainly rare. I think I had stored up energy from all the Naan I ate at book club the night before.

I actually went back and ran an easy 3 miles on the treadmill after this workout. Usually I don’t have the energy but when I do, I’ll take it!

Book Club

Speaking of which — I hosted book club at my apartment on  Tuesday. We were discussing “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini (author of The Kite Runner) and decided we’d have Afghanistan food for dinner. I ordered from the Afghan Restaraunt, and it was really good stuff. You know it’s the real thing because the restaurant is always full of Afghan people in traditional clothing.

We had mixed reactions on the book — mostly that it was good but there was too much story in such a short book. We felt the book could have been broken into two or three separate books and included MUCH more about each story. Wasn’t a bad read but didn’t match the Kite Runner or A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Alive Juices

Yesterday, I was really excited to have a fresh-squeezed vegetable juice hand delivered to me at work. Alive Juices, a new juice company in DC, reached out to me to try their product and I happily obliged! I actually wish they were next door because I would drink veggie juice all the time if I could.

So instead of my normal afternoon diet coke and mini-candy bar, I had a Positive Karma Fresh Juice made with cucumber, celery, spinach and cilantro. It was delicious actually and I loved that it came in a mason jar with an Alive Juices tag.

You better believe I felt more energized and refreshed. They have a ton of really yummy sounding options and this is obviously far easier than hauling a juicer and veggies to work with me 🙂 If you are in the DC-area, they are the only place that delivers and it is well worth a try.

***In fact, Sweet Life Readers can get 10% off your first purchase! When you purchase, make sure you let them know you heard about Alive Juices from The Sweet Life to receive the discount.***

I plan on being a repeat customer because getting my veggies is extremely important to me!

How have your workouts been this week? Do you have a local veggie juice place? Have you read any Khaled Hosseini books? 

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