Ahh shoes! You know I love ’em — and I’m lucky enough to get to try lots of them for running, crossfitting, and more.

The latest pair is from Reebok — their new Reebok One series cushion running shoe. Coolest? It’s not even available to buy yet so I got a sneak peak at this brand, new product.

I immediately loved the look of them — the pink, white, and gray complimented eachother well. Once I put them on, the comfort was immediate. These are by far my favorite pair of Reeboks — and I’ve tried quite a few.

I took them out for an inaugural run with Back on My Feet this week so of course I had to share a few photos with my buddies.

Remember Rodan? He’s the blind runner that joins us –one of my favorite, most positive people I’ve met yet. Despite his blindness, he embraces his new life as a sober man. It’s so inspiring and I love soaking up that positivity. I’ll have a longer post on Rodan in the near future.

The shoes were great — especially for the shorter distances I’m usually doing on weekday mornings. Here’s a bit more about what makes this shoe special: It has three specific zones that address the needs of the foot. It moves through the “gait cycle” — heel strike, midstance and toe-off.

According to Reebok, the different zones have corresponding densities in the midsole of the shoe and there are materials in the upper. They’ve created the shoe in a really new, innovative way.

I also did a little run/walking with some of the new (and injured) guys while I tried the shoes out:

Gregory, Sylvester, Sam, Lathan, Darren

I’ve tried the new shoes a few times now and find them really comfy. In my opinion, it’s good to have a variety of options when it comes to running. Long distance v. short distance v. sprints, treadmill, etc. can all take better to one shoe or another. I’d definitely use these in training and for shorter distance runs.

Wanna try these shoes out? You should — but you can’t find them just anywhere. Check them out on the Reebok site starting July 1st!

Also, check out this video of Reebok getting expert about the specifics of this awesome shoe.

Do you think its useful to have different kinds of shoes for different kinds of training? What makes you like a running shoe? 
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