Do ya like the feel of stretchy fabric that glides over your hips and thighs and fits love a glove? Then you would love these new clothes I got the chance to try out this weekend.

It’s workout apparel from a nifty company called Nux — and  the first thing I love about them is their company philosophy:


To be pro peace and anti nothing.
To lead with my heart and follow with my mind.
To honor humility and be humbled by honorable people.
To choose to dance through life with all of my imperfections.
To cultivate compassion for the world by having compassion for myself.

I’m on board, you?

When I opened the package, I thought the clothes looked realllly small but turns out, they stretch — a lot!

And I’m loving the little keyhole slots on both the front and back of the shirt. Doesn’t the design look unique and stylish for workout gear?

I wouldn’t normally wear matchy matchy pants/shirt but for the sake of this post I did. Just a little FYI.

I always see pix of people doing these one-handed handstands against the wall so I figured it wouldn’t be too hard. Well, I was wrong. Either way, somehow my friend was able to get this shot — as silly as it looks:

My friend’s husband told me I looked kind of like a ninja about ready to go tackle something. Mmmk, I’ll take it!

I made sure to try a few different moves just to get the feel of the material and know that I’d be comfortable moving in all those crazy ways I do at crossfit.

So then…I actually wore the pants to crossfit this morning and got a real workout in them! They felt great — which is to say, I didn’t notice them — exactly what you want.

Oh yeah and you know those pull-ups I’ve been working on? Well, turns out, I’m not doing as well as I thought. I thought I was doing some decent kipping pull-ups but it looks like I have some improvements to make. I was hesitant to show this video but hey — as, J-Lo says, I’m real. (Sorry, that was really stupid…)

So ya know, I guess it’s good I got a look at myself so I can see what I’m doing. It’s still much better than it used to be. My goal is to someday do a STRICT pull-up. Seems impossible but it’s not. 
For whatever reason, I had the best workout yesterday morning. I’m not giving credit to the pants but it was just one of those days that I rocked the WOD and felt awesome afterward. 
Anyway, I looked through the Nux catalogue they sent and they have some really cool, unique apparel. Personally, I’m always looking for patterned stuff and that’s what drew me to choose these pants. 
Follow them on Twitter here & seriously take a look at their awesome selection. 

Have you ever heard of Nux? Do you like the trendy patterned pants like I do? Anyone else trying to get good pull-ups like me? 
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