So you KNOW how much I love my Mizuno running shoes. I swear by them and even though I’ve been sent promos by other places, nothing ever sways me.

But it had been awhile since I had a new pair. In fact, I knew the Sayonara’s were coming for awhile so I held out on buying a new pair until these showed up. Beyond excited!

First of all — pink. How can you go wrong for the ladies? As soon as I got them, I felt they were ultra light weight (score!) and very minimalist — exactly what I’m looking for.

I was pumped to try them out on a morning run so it gave me a great excuse to meet my best running buddy, Maggie, for a 5:30am-er. There’s a new path by her house that’s gorgeous with a great view of the Monuments so we took off in the muggy morning heat.

Me and Maggie!

So I forgot to bring my camera on the trail run but I wanted to you to see these in speed demon action so I did a few sprints in the parking lots while Maggie snapped some shots!

Many people are scared to downgrade from a supportive shoe to a flatter, lighter running shoe. Fear not! I used to wear big, clunky running shoes for years — simply because I went for whatever looked cool or was cheapest.

The more I got into running and researching shoes, the more I realized that shoes like these Sayonara’s are best for my feet. Flatter shoes take some getting used to but ultimately, I have come to enjoy the “ride” so to speak.

I’m pumped to take these out for a long run sometime soon! I also got a Camelbak for long runs (to be debuted here soon) so I’m curious how the whole combo will work out for me.

I’m about to sign up for the Richmond Marathon — though already having marathon anxiety about training six months out! It’s always a gamble — but an adventure and I don’t think I could go a year without at least doing one full marathon.

Maggie suggested we find some cool half-marathon trail runs instead — and I want to — but the 26.2 is always calling my name!

A bit more about the shoes from Mizuno:


Just check out the Rafflecopter below and enter to WIN! I’ll choose a winner this weekend and let you know who won no later than Monday, July 1st! Good luck!

*Ignore the $25 gift card thing — this is just for the shoes 🙂

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