Team CSS front and center!

This weekend I was pretty excited to have an excuse to be on the National Mall again on a beautiful Saturday! This time? Kickball!

Our Back on My Feet Team, CSS, planned a game against another team, La Casa. I was pumped and pretty excited to find a parking spot right next to the Washington Monument! Miracles happen!

The Mall was bustling with people — tons of other kickball games, picnics, bikers, runners, tourists were everywhere. It was the picturesque DC day in the summer. I should definitely be doing more fun stuff like this downtown.

We met up at 10:30am and played 5 innings of kickball. I was mostly the photographer but still wore my BoMF t-shirt to represent!

Stephanie, Jean, Me

It was fun to see the guys get excited about the game. That’s one thing about being recovery, you need to stay busy, do team-oriented things and find your fulfillment in something other than drugs or alcohol. Like running, sports are something many of them haven’t done much of since their addictions. It’s great that BoMF keeps these extracirricular activities up regularly.

It was also nice to meet some folks from the other teams, which is kind of rare. It was a short and sweet game but fun — and then we had a potluck lunch. I had brought a Subway sandwich platter and others had brought a ton of stuff so we were well-stocked with food — which was nice for the guys.

So once again had a great time with my BoMF friends 🙂 Sunshine makes all the difference in the world!
And THEN…I got to go visit the wonderful, beautiful Austin Dean! Michelle had him two weeks ago and this was my second visit. He’s adorable and perfect — a handful as well I hear but I’m an honorary aunt and I’m pretty excited about it!
After that, Rick and I headed down to Old Town Alexandria for the evening. It was bustling as well with live music, creative artists on the harbor, and people dining outdoors. I took this photo by the dock — isn’t it great?

How was your weekend? Were you outside? Don’t you LOVE summer?!! 🙂
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