Yeah, it’s true. Not a lot but…I did. But…how? I mean, I went to an all-inclusive resort so I had as much food and drink at my fingertips as I wanted. Years ago, this would have spelled disaster for me.

But here it was…I told myself I was NOT stressing about food or calories for this. Simply not an concern and I would eat what I wanted.

Because it was so hot most of the time, I didn’t want to be overly full and feel disgusting. So each morning I went to breakfast thinking about the fact that I was going straight to be beach in a bikini afterward.

I ate bacon for breakfast every day — along with fruit and some kind of random carb like a pancake. Boy did I love me some bacon everyday!

When lunch rolled around, we were back at the buffet. I most sampled a little of everything I wanted to eat and ate until I felt full — which honestly didn’t take much since I was doing nothing but lounging around. I also ate dessert everyday at lunch — but just a couple of bites.

Another thing? I was chugging water all day because I was sweating so much in the sun and having alcohol at night. The last thing I wanted to was to feel dehydrated. Drinking so much water all day kept me feeling healthy, vibrant, hydrated and full.

In the evening, we had nice dinners every night — with wine and dessert. I love seafood and most of that is baked or grilled — healthy! I ate every bit and in general, the portions were not large. As for dessert, I always had some but just had no desire to eat every bite because again, I didn’t want to feel gross or overly full.

The entire week, I never felt deprived, overly hungry or have any desire to overeat. I didn’t exercise and the whole thing was like pure freedom. Granted, this was my weddingmoon so maybe I was just feeling so happy to be there getting married that food wasn’t taking it’s normal precedence.

However, I learned something. When you let yourself have what you want and listen to your body’s full and hunger signals, it works. I lost 3 pounds over the course of about 7 days — woa! Now maybe it was 2 pounds, who knows on “when I weighed myself”, etc.

2-3 pounds is no big deal but I was pleased to have simply enjoyed myself, eaten what I felt like eating and come away with a natural loss. Now…if only I could live on a beach in Jamaica….

Anyone ever lost weight on vacation — or accidentally? What are your tips for eating what you want while maintaining your weight (or losing?)
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