I’ve been in New York City this weekend — always a fun time to have! I took the train up to NYC on Friday afternoon and got there in time for a fun fitness blogger meetup!

Danny and Bex put together the Sweaty Betties & Bex Life Meetup and I’m always jealous of all the fun New York events so it was cool to actually be able to do stuff.

Luckily, Theodora lives right next to our meetup so I cabbed to her place, dropped my stuff and headed to the park to meet some new peeps!

We hung out, chatted and then went around in a circle and introduced ourselves. Some people hate that but I actually really enjoy a formal way of hearing who everyone is, where they blog and getting to know them a bit.

Bex and Danny gave a little motivational talk — and handed everyone out goody bags just for coming! I was excited to make some new connections with people like Amber and Jen. Also, I got to meet up with a Twitter friend I’ve been following for several years, Meredith.

Theodora and I

After the park, we all headed over to a yummy Mexican restaurant called Dos Caminos. I’m such a sucker for fish tacos that I had to order those. They also had some amazing guacamole and delicious skinny margaritas.

It was good to chat a bit more with the ladies and be out and about at a new place in NYC.

Danny-J, Me, Bex

Finally, I headed to my hotel –– which turned out to be way too far from my conference but that’s another story for another day!

Do you enjoy meeting up with your “friends from the Internet?” Do you find it intimidating or fun? It’s a little of both for me. 
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