Heather, Tina, Anne, Julie, Gina, Me, Bobbi (Stole this pic from Julie!)

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My second time at Fitbloggin’ is well under way and I’m having a great time — just like I did last year! Only difference? This time I’m all the way over on the West Coast in Portland, Oregon!

I have never been here before so when I found out the location, I was really excited. Everyone has told me, “People from Portland are weird.” No offense to any Portlanders but so far, I can see why people say it. It’s super hippy-town around here — not that I mind!

I’ve found a fun group to hang out with here — but am also trying to make sure I reach out and meet a ton of new people. It’s been nice spending some time with the lades in the top pic, though, as most of them I know only through the Internet.

Here’s a peek at my very nice room in this very nice hotel in downtown Portland, The Nines. I was pumped to walk and see these fluffy beds! Staying a nice hotels for stuff like this is one of my favorite luxuries.

I’m honored to be here representing Mizuno Running. As you all know, Mizuno is my all-time favorite brand of running shoes and I enjoy having a business partnership with them. I am armed with Mizuno bags, goodies and another sweet give away for attendees of Fitbloggin! If you are here and haven’t entered to win yet — find me!

I’ve been wearing my new favorite thing — the new, Mizuno running skirt! Super comfortable and it’s not too short — a major plus. One taller girl actually came over and asked me what brand it was because she said she always finds them to be too short her but this one looked perfect. I’ve gotten a load of compliments and inquiries about the skirt already so I’d say — this one’s a winner!

That coral top is also Mizuno and I’m obsessed with that color! These shirts are perfect — comfy, light, my favorite kind for running in the spring and fall.

The Fitbloggin’ schedule is jam packed with lots of fun stuff. Unfortunately, I’ve not been feeling awesome so I skipped the 6am boot camp on Friday morning. I had a lot of work to catch up on and my stomach wasn’t having it. My body is out of whack due to the time change and change in eating patterns, I think.  Either way, there was still plenty of fitness to enjoy — but saving most of that for later posting!

In addition to running around and meeting people, I did snap a few shots of the city when I ate dinner at a 30th floor restaurant last night, The Portland City Grill.

Speaking of food — so far, I’ve had some great stuff! It started off with lunch at this fabulous (and cheap) Vietnamese place, Luc Lac.  I had this terrific papaya salad and I’m not exactly sure what all was in it but I was floored by how amazing it tasted. Apparently, I’ve been overlooking Vietnamese cuisine my entire life. They totally sold me.

After that, we walked around by the waterfront area and decided to make a stop at Voo Doo Doughnut — the place everyone had heard was amazing. It’s been on one of those Travel Channel food shoes and even I had heard of it before. Since lunch was fairly light, we headed over and waited in about a 20-minute line.

It was a little overwhelming because there were SO MANY doughnuts to choose from. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the revolving doughnut boxes:

I had no clue what to get so I just told the guy I wanted something with chocolate but that it should be fun and he could pick it out. He ended up giving me the classic “voo doo doughnut” with a raspberry filling of “blood” and a pretzel sticking out as the voo doo doll pin:

I ate like half of it but then started feeling sick. Not sure if was the doughnut or the traveling or what but my body just didn’t like me Thursday!

Food photos from Friday morning breakfast — yes, delicious bacon takes front and center stage:

Either way, the water front area was beautiful and there were tons of runners running around the track/trail area. Lots of folks sitting around playing music as well — definitely a completely different vibe from what I’m used to but like I said, I could get used to it.

I’m too lazy to make these Instagram photos a normal size so you are getting the Instagrams 🙂 Still beautiful, though, right?

My only regret? This terrible outfit (below). Everyone looked so cute and summery and I was hot and uncomfortable. Oh well! As usual, I overpacked some things and underpacked others. With all the swag we’re taking home, I’ll have to check a bag for sure anyway.

Lots more updates but wanted to get this first post out! If you are here at Fitbloggin’, don’t forget to track me down to enter the Mizuno give away!

If you are NOT here at Fitbloggin’, you can still enter my other Mizuno give away, details listed here. 

Have you ever been to a blogging conference? Do you find them intimidating — or would you? I’ve got some thoughts on that aspect of things coming in another post 🙂
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