Amy, Meaghan, Anne, Me

This weekend was gorgeous — and I had such a great time playing outside. Amy invited me to a fun, outdoor crossfit workout her box was hosting on the National Mall.

I figured it was a great excuse to head downtown, meet some new people and do something different for the weekend.

I arrived to see Amy, Anne and Meaghan already there. I had to ridden my bike from my apartment…loved that I could get there without dealing with parking!

Anne is a handstand phenom and I was just being silly 🙂

Obviously we had a little photo fun but I was glad to get a varied workout in. With the bike riding plus a fairly tame WOD, I felt like I got plenty in. I was feeling sort of tired and not really putting in my best effort but it was good enough for me that day.

We completed five rounds of short WODs with three moves each, including sprints in each round. Squats, burpees, lunges, sandbag tosses, push ups sit ups and sandbag thrusters were among the moves.

Clearly, the sandbags were a fun prop 🙂

I was just pumped that it wasn’t humid or too hot. It was perrrrfect! Riding my bike there was really part of the fun. I was glad to have a reason to use it for a practical reason and I just felt so free not having to run or drive there.

I was also super excited to finally meet Meaghan! I’ve been following her blog, DC Fit Crasher, for awhile now and have even emailed her to see if we could work out together. I didn’t recognize her at first (her blog photo, she is wearing goggles!) but was glad when I figured it out!

As usual, crossfitters were full of friendliness and camaraderie. I definitely saw some hardcore bodies and wished I could rock a sports bra and spandex — but I’m okay with my legs in the spandex that I did have 🙂

Hello, U.S. Capitol and some hardcore crossfit ladies:

On my bike ride home, I felt so free — almost like a kid speeding down the trail in the sunshine towards home. This was the first I’d ridden the bike without Rick (and he is usually going way faster) so it was nice to just go at my own pace with no time in mind. It was the first time in years I’ve really felt like a kid again and it was a truly pleasant, freeing, beautiful ride home.

I was actually sad that I had to skip Trident for this workout but I figured it was fine to switch off for one week! I enjoyed meeting the coaches from Crossfit Metro Center and connecting the larger crossfit community. Since going to regionals last week, I’ve realized I’m missing out on a whole lot of people by staying in my own little box. I’m excited to attend the Crossfit Games next month in California where alllll the big dogs will be!

Thanks to Anne & Meaghan for being my workout partners — and thanks to the weather for making this such an enoyable day! I heart crossfit 🙂

Did you do any outdoor workouts this weekend? How do you switch it up? 
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